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Kate visited the winery in Canada, what is the quality of wine? The Sohu of Canada in September 27, 2016, Prince William and Kate visited in the Canadian province of British Columbia (British Columbia) mission (Mission Hill Winery) mount. At the Chateau Neiweilian Prince couple hand picked Pinot Noir grape (Pinot Noir), and try to drink the winery production "Luce" (Oculus) and "Pell Peitu" (Perpetua), which is a Bordeaux style blend of red Wine (Bordeaux-style Blend) and a single Park (Wine Chardonnay Dry White Chardonnay). Do you find that Mrs. Prince William drink is not known from Canada (Icewine), except that there are other wine, let Canadians proud Wine type? Today, let’s take a look at some of the best wines in canada. 1, the history of the history of Canadian wine wine in Canada can be traced back to thousands of years ago. In 1000, a team of explorers discovered many local grape varieties in northeastern Canada, which are also known as Vinland. In nineteenth Century, European settlers came to this land, and tried to plant the vines, but at that time, the climate of Canada was extreme, and the vines could not survive. Early winemakers will turn to the use of local grape varieties riparia (Riparia) and pull Blass Carnahan (Labrusca). Since then, Canada has been maintained by Blass, the traditional Wine brewed sweet. From 1916 to 1927, Canada began to implement the prohibition, the whole country Wine industry into the trough. But in Ontario province (Ontario) because of the government’s concession, Wine industry but increasingly xingbo. Until 1974, the country’s commercial wine before the resumption of production. The year 1988 was the most important year for the Canadian wine industry. This not only enhances the competitive awareness of the Canadian wine farmers, but also promote the formation of the VQA Alliance (Vintners Quality). The birth of VQA, the Canadian wine industry more standardized. 2, the Canadian climate characteristics of Canada is in North America, the sea on three sides, the southern border with the United States, the location of the high latitude, theoretically the weather is cold. However, Canada is the world’s longest coastline, water resources are also very rich (a large number of lakes), water has a regulatory role in the climate, so Canada has different regional climate. In general, Canada is relatively hot and humid in summer and extremely cold in winter. However, there is a slight difference between the District, the eastern part of the temperature is slightly lower, moderate climate in the south, the west is mild and humid, cold northern climate. Major wine producing regions in canada.相关的主题文章: