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"King of comedy" the most beautiful Helen of Troy Carman Lee’s return "springboard" – Entertainment Sohu   " " Helen of Troy; the classic appearance of Sohu entertainment fade out the entertainment for ten years, Carman Lee through the "king of comedy" straddling a high-profile comeback. In her first stage comedy tour in 21 years in opposition to don’t reproduce the "Helen of Troy" classic appearance, evoke a generation of youth memories. Carman Lee, a high-profile comeback stage comedy debut, the network search volume # Carman Lee Helen of Troy # also because of the comedy record reached 226000. Known as the first Chinese women’s magazine, she published an article published by the reading volume exceeded one hundred thousand, a number of media micro-blog V, WeChat public number has been forwarded. Informed sources have revealed that, following the "king of comedy" cross the eleven phase of the program, Carman Lee has been in short supply schedule. Before entering the entertainment circle, Carman Lee’s occupation is in 1990 by the airline stewardess, a mining into the entertainment circle. Unknown to the public to work a few years later finally ushered in his career peak — in 1995 took a role in the Jin Yong classic martial arts novel "The legend of Condor Hero" Helen of Troy "corner". For this role in Xian Qi, Jin Yong himself had this assessment: "the love of her life in white, the wind blowing snow in Yushu seriously, and a cold, Joan bud, real worthy" to describe the cold leaching solution month "." The characteristics and Helen of Troy looks beautiful, elegant, elegant posture of Carman Lee’s people agree without prior without previous consultation. The appearance of congenital and acquired advantages, dedication for the popular days after Carman Lee’s important foundation. According to the relevant staff evaluation: Carman Lee acting quickly into the play, she read the script very thoroughly, and will be designed to play the role of the script. Her ability to absorb, and be clever and sensible acting talent, a." "She is very dedicated, brave and strong, like the iron lady like." "Eight guardians" in gentle elegant Wangyuyan, "fugitive" in tough brave Yang eight younger sister. Each character is popular and classic. However, in the cause of the peak period of Carman Lee for a double blow and longtime boyfriend Guo Yingquan broke up with his father died, fade out the entertainment circle, return to ordinary life. Fade after entertainment, she still makes his every twinkle and smile, charming appearance and personality, from time to time out of the picture let us marvel at the time of her gentle. Now once again play Helen of Troy Carman Lee also hesitant, worried about. But when the stage curtain opened instantly, even after a lapse of 21 years, is still the Helen of Troy not worldly Helen of Troy, turned to look back between people have tears. "King of comedy" and eventually became a crossover Helen of Troy regression "springboard", and chose such a platform is not only her own a re start, is also looking forward to this stage can help her more promotion. In the full of "Red Net" today, even after years of precipitation, Carman Lee is still the entertainment of a stream, to tell people the most pure beauty. Beauty will fade, but the classics will always remain in the hearts of the people. Numerous hardships life does not make Carman Lee give up on themselves, but created a stronger Carman Lee appeared in front of us..相关的主题文章: