Laibin City, a real estate ceiling fell into a block of cement slag scared decoration workers

Laibin City is a real estate fall from the ceiling into blocks for cement slag was cut through the balcony ceiling decoration workers property company, exposed rebar less. Mr. Wu for map nanguojinbao reporter Huang Bicheng recently, Mr. Wu in the decoration, Laibin City South wealth Avenue area of new homes, found the balcony ceiling gently pull into pieces into a concrete slag block down, scared decoration workers. Please cut property came after a large floor, found it full of cement slag, steel is relatively small. Net exposure after this, some owners of the district began to worry about the quality of the house. Bridal decoration period to find the "problem" ceiling in 2013, Mr. Wu’s cousin spent 225 thousand yuan in the south, wealth Avenue District, a 128 square meters of housing purchase index guests 2 staff transfer. In mid August this year, the cousin did not see Mr. Wu live, let Wu spend their own money to decorate the new home to borrow. In late August, the housing decoration into the tail, only connected with large living room balcony is not guanizi. See the balcony ceiling is uneven, decoration master machine cut the ceiling, but not cut two, block into concrete slag blocks from the ceiling down. Decoration master hand gently pull down the cracks, even from the ceiling there plucked out of the honeycomb concrete block, scared and quickly dialed the phone decoration master wu. Wu rushed to the new house, immediately called residential property in the past. Wu told reporters that the day after the residential property staff to see the scene, he said that the comfort of local ceiling appears to be normal. He felt abnormal, want to let the property sent to his face to dig the floor to see, by the property staff temporarily unable to find a refusal by the people. When he left the house after the property while still within the new premises decoration master, invited the workers inside a large floor balcony ceiling. Wu heard rushed to the house, he saw the workers under the chisel is full of slag concrete honeycomb, the hardness is very poor; and drilling of the exposed reinforced floor is very sparse, in addition to steel, and no small bar, but do not see ordinary buildings with barbed wire laying floor. So, he took the scene with a cell phone, as evidence preservation. In the afternoon, and quickly installed in the template property re drilling of the floor position, pouring concrete. Later, Mr. Wu is increasingly concerned about the living room with balcony. The ceiling are the same problems, but by shaving is not good to see he putty. He suspected that the concrete strength of the building and the use of steel specifications did not meet the requirements of architectural design, and then negotiate with the developer for the cousin, asked to return a house, was rejected by the developer. Wu Yue, the developer asked him to pay the money to find a qualified accreditation bodies to identify the house. If there are quality problems, the other side is responsible for the end. But he believes that such a problem, developers should take the lead to solve. Some owners worry about the house of quality for joint rights because of fruitless negotiations with the developers, September 19th, Mr. Wu asked a friend to the scene photos taken before the release to the local network, causing many users attention. Some users see photos, that Mr. Wu decoration.相关的主题文章: