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Lang Ping: do you want to continue to look at the results of physical examination to guide the Chinese women’s volleyball team – Sohu news Lang Ping. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that in October 6th, led the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the gold medal in the Olympic Games in Rio Lang Ping came to the capital city of Vienna and overseas Chinese met here. During this period, she has played volleyball, Olympic Games and overseas Chinese fans. Vienna overseas Chinese lucky here to witness the "iron hammer" style. In the warm atmosphere of the scene, Lang Ping joked that his action is not free at home, because too conspicuous is easy to recognize. In interaction with overseas Chinese fans, Lang Ping said that during the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball match, as a coach, although he needs to calm, but the heart is also very anxious, hoping to win the game earlier. The game was ups and downs, but from the coaches to the players all focus on the game, although the first performance is not ideal, but then show the spirit, and ultimately played a state, won the championship. Lang Ping said that he is the volleyball team is the highest in the age of the players, but now has no advantage, she had to look for some active players, self deprecating if it can not find the location of the national team, may also have to play the second. She also joked that now the young players have three high, tall, high intelligence, high color value, in the face of such a group of young players, they have too much and they can’t gap, also have to learn some young people like online shopping, for example, download music, but I could not catch up with. At the same time, Lang Ping also expressed his concern about the development of volleyball. She said she was playing volleyball, Beijing sports school volleyball team a lot, but now the team is missing. She wants to coach the national team at the same time to promote volleyball, and I hope you like volleyball. And for everyone is most concerned about the topic – whether to continue to coach Chinese women’s volleyball team, Lang Ping told Xinhua news agency, to wait for their physical examination report to make a decision. In an interview with the European times, Lang Ping also gave the same answer. "I have this wish, but the next step is still uncertain. I will return to the United States after the rest to do some physical examination, the specific situation depends on the results of the test." However, she also admitted that his heart still look forward to continue to work together to China women’s volleyball team, "psychological still have a very strong desire to continue coaching China team, after all I China and women’s volleyball team has over 30 years of feelings, or are willing to continue to strength for the women’s volleyball team to contribute their China.相关的主题文章: