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Li Gen said after the Olympic Games lost: do not want to give yourself Lee feel at the end of September 4th the gap between sports Tencent in the Rio Olympics, Li Gen also went to Guizhou after a slight adjustment, and join the playing warm-up match of the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, in an interview, Lee on before the Olympic experience, he said. The Olympic journey to feel very lost, at the same time, Li Genye said, is not willing to give yourself, but already feel China basketball teams and the world the gap. This is the first time Li Gen took part in the Olympic Games, and this experience has made him feel deep. This allows you to experience a high level of basketball experience, before watching the video really do not have this feeling. When you’re really in, can feel a lot of difference." Li Gen said in an interview. This huge psychological gap also let Li Gen feel a little lost, he said, and even do not want to own Olympic trip. "I don’t want to give their performance score, before the Olympic Games and I think is very different, I think, not like now so bad, after all, we are not only on their own behalf, on behalf of all concerned and more Chinese basketball fans, I feel very lost, this is the two kind of mood with the Asian championships." Li Gen said. In addition, Lee also talked about the concept of the gap, and that the Olympic Games still have the harvest: "whether it is summer or before playing the game, for me, is a valuable asset, if earlier through these, I think of my basketball road have a greater change. I think the most important thing is the concept of gap, and foreign top teams play, their advanced ideas are completely different. Like Serbia, their physical condition is not so outstanding, but the overall basketball and their coordination ability really let us make me feel not playing as the acme of perfection, just play, but also to use their brains." (cat bear) Li Gen hit a low back turn back 2 points go well相关的主题文章: