Li Mingyuan denies corruption behavior there are economic exchanges but not improper-oboni

Li Mingyuan denies corruption: economic exchanges but not unfair Tencent Francisco November 5th news, last night inside Baidu a full e-mail messages are displayed, caused a great disturbance, Li Mingyuan in the investment, acquisitions and cooperation game on suspicion of corruption, active resignation is approved. Li Mingyuan yesterday evening through a circle of friends to respond to the incident. Li Mingyuan said he did not have any corruption, there are economic exchanges but not an unfair economic exchanges. At the same time, Li Mingyuan said in response, "I was in Baidu, you black me, I can not because of personal emotional response to say anything," suggesting that the incident was deliberately black him. The following is the full text of the response to Li Mingyuan: still want to say a few words 1, I don’t have any corruption, you can just spray, but use your head, don’t underestimate Baidu to punish corruption determination, no matter who is involved in corruption, Baidu must be expelled from the police, would not be tolerated. I do not have any good special, no one will have exceptions, this is the system and the law, not by whose preferences. 2, economic exchanges, there is to come, nor is it improper economic exchanges. You must be able to understand the level of Chinese language. If you lend money to get it back, this is called economic exchanges. As an executive, I now realize that there should be no economic interaction with people who do not need to be involved. If it is improper dealings, it is not wrong, not to resign, but to assume legal responsibility, in order to give other people a fair law. This, do not doubt the company’s IQ, and my principles. 3, Baidu is the training of my company, I was growing up their homes, I can never dream of doing anything unethical things to hurt or use this to my mother Zhiyuzhien and endless training. The past, the future will not. 4, I think every large company has the system of strict norms, my position, it is difficult to be convenient for themselves or who do what’s what, sorry, this organization and a lot of people do not think the same, this is not a small self-employed or military dictatorship, neither will nor What I say goes.. Special buffet, if you are responsible for a specific function, you may have the duty then or misappropriation of the machine, but it’s not my job functions, I don’t think so much responsibility, I personally have what power. As many people ask me to ask questions, involving the company, I can do most of the advice, I am a person’s ability is so. 5, I rarely explain, in Baidu, you black me, I not because of personal emotional responses to what I am about to leave now, formalities, no one, people eat melon drainage are never mind, but you intentionally hurt, and blow to Baidu, while not afraid of the big thing, now I may also have the time when you are bug to study and solve. 5, as an executive, a lot of things must not be done, in order to avoid risks and hidden problems, I do not learn enough in this regard, does not meet the requirements of an executive, I should know the error, leave. Bear the responsibility. Thanks to Baidu for my training and love, but also to a lot of support and care of the students say sorry, let you down, so that Baidu is also involved in public opinion pressure and with me.相关的主题文章: