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Little Khrushchev’s old Khrushchev [Abstract] thought it was Khrushchev for his father and painted with the Q of the inner monologue, prove that later material, Khrushchev did at the meeting said similar words. Author: Mu Hui Friends Comrade Yuan Bing to the Soviet Union leader Khrushchev’s son, had emigrated to the United States rocket guidance systems engineering expert Sergei · Khrushchev wrote a book translation. The "little Khrushchev, old Khrushchev," reveals some of the inside of the story of Mr Khrushchev’s ouster from October 1964 until his death in 1971. Little Khrushchev is the only son of Khrushchev, he not only witnessed and participated in many events related to Khrushchev in a way that he conspired to overthrow Khrushchev and know told Khrushchev, he accompanied Khrushchev to spend the fall of pain and suffering can be expected. He is also the finishing of Khrushchev’s memoirs, the book was transferred to a foreign country and the first to be published in the West for his plan. After Khrushchev’s funeral and the establishment of the monument is the whole process of his participation and running. It can be imagined that the book written by him must have many fascinating plots. Sure enough, Yuan Bing manuscript sent to my office, I read this stack of more than and 500 pages, more than and 20 words of the manuscript. Reading this book, I always think of the old can’t help somehow Zizhitongjian "," the "mirror Notepad, we think of the China ershisishi, feel the characters in the book, regardless of victory defeat, in opposition, live very tired. Khrushchev has his merits and demerits, put him out of the party has a right and wrong. This book provides is not these, but in high power struggle intrigue. Bode Gore Hei, Brezhnev, Xie, and the secret of the series connected to the collapse of the began in the spring of 1964, the beginning of the spring of. They quietly formed a "United Front" against Khrushchev, and when he was in the public and exaggerated exaggerated in the face of Khrushchev. Khrushchev was in the spring of this year a meeting about his old, should give way to the young people, said to the twenty-three retirement; it was attracted colleagues a "resolutely opposed" storm. Very nice is that April 17th, Khrushchev’s 70 birthday scene. The members of the Presidium and Secretary of the Central Committee, before nine o’clock arrived in the small public longevity, living room full of people, Brezhnev kept Khrushchev kiss, and then read them to the collective signature Khrushchev said terrific message, applause again and read in. Brezhnev even shed tears, and then embraced warmly. Then there was the official celebration of Moscow Kremlin and the grand banquet. Also at this time, in the conspiracy fears they Huanghuangzhangzhang to imagine various purpose: poison, making a plane crash, and then rejected these insecure extremely undesirable practices. It can be said that if someone leaked a palace coup plot, forcing Brezhnev to hurry back to action from the East, they are still the name of Khrushchev scared like a headless fly like.相关的主题文章: