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Director Liu Haixie Zhao Liying to create "our ten years" explosion of youth – Sohu in the studio entertainment director Liu Sohu entertainment news by Ma Weihao as general director, Liu served as director, Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, Fan Yichen, Ban Jiajia, Feng Mingchao, who starred in the youth campus love movie "our ten years" will be released on September 2nd. As a director Liu "ten years grinding a dream" works "on our ten years" is a pure youth, is burning with emotion, is patience and growth — young minds, time flies, ten years after the us what it looks like. Director Liu "ten years a dream" I am not a wizard, just a bit of "ghost" experienced in the movie version of "swordsman", "Dongjak Taiwan", "king of the feast" and a series of work experience, as the new director of the 80 Liu, has been gradually melting out of style — his own — with a beautiful picture, telling the truth of the story, so when we "ten years" appeared in front of him, he will have many years of accumulation into them. "At first I was studying acting, but I found that it was better for the director. From the clip, executive director along the way, I think these ten years every minute is meaningful, our ten years gave me a full release of the opportunity." The bangs before work, are in some ways full of ideas and imagination of the novel, the media commented, "Liu called genius", Liu said, "it is not what the devil’s, produced a lot of ideas in the process of shooting". The all star team deflagrated school season Zhao Liying aura Qiao Renliang have a taste "Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, Fan Yichen, Ban Jiajia, Feng Mingchao starred in a long string of a list," our ten years "pure temperament will be blowing, the all star team is more visible in the film director Liu heart enable. Talking about the movie star who bangs on each of them are full of praise. Zhao Liying is really a most young actress in the Chinese aura, the little girl usually looks cute, once you start filming, the seriousness can infect all people. Qiao Renliang is also, although we used to say that his little meat, but I think he is a taste of their meat." It is reported that Wu Yingjie, Fan Yichen, Ban Jiajia, Feng Mingchao and other stars will also give the same performance, the movie "our ten years" is bound to be deflagrated school season, let the student party full of sunshine and morale. Youth youth story "is not the same as the original youth never closed and many adapted to different," our ten years "is an original script, so the film in the aging will have inherent advantages, after all the components of the IP can now have several years of distance, although is about 80 after 90, the youth, but the effectiveness is not strong original. "Our ten years", tells the story is not the same youth, is the most fit now youth, is the most practical significance of youth, so people can find the most close to their youth in this movie. Director Liu also said, "our" ten years ", is the performance of the process prior to the complex相关的主题文章: