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Love is no longer passion? Taylor and Tom was a major quarrel "- Beijing, Beijing, August 25, according to Taiwan’s" United Daily News "reported that Taylor – Swift (Taylor Swift) and" Tom "Tom hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) with vigour and vitality lightning exchanges, not only caused many users to look bad, and Tom’s performance the cause is also affected by the. Two people seem to love, now that "noisy first frame", this two month affair seems to have entered a "warm period"? According to UsWeekly reports, Tom and Taylor dispute in early August, it is reported that two people together after the first "big fight". Sources revealed that they have recently been less time together, each other’s trip is difficult to match. At present, Tom filmed in Australia: 3 "the twilight of the gods", Taylor has just started to follow, but far more conditions or become two people love the block. The couple now by telephone and SMS contact feelings. The day before Taylor and Tom will attend the rumor this year Emmy Awards, news sources to The SUN said, "Tom is not always love the public and private life together, but he and Taylor are very happy together, so the Emmy is two people officially attended the most appropriate machine." Whether Taylor and Tom are now entering the stage of cool communication, if two people can communicate well, tolerate each other, perhaps you can safely get through this long-distance love!相关的主题文章: