Love the frontier boot gaomantang Mao Weining to build cross-border love-reshacker

"Love the frontier" boot gaomantang Mao Weining to build cross-border love Tencent entertainment news yesterday morning, by gaomantang screenwriter, Mao Weining directed the TV series "love the frontier" (also known as "Snow Village juelian") in Dalian starting. The play by the Shanghai Confucian Italian Television Productions Ltd, happy blue ocean film culture Limited by Share Ltd and Changzhou Yue Public Television Ltd. jointly produced works, tells the story of a very The imprint is engraved on my heart. international love story. The cast of the play includes Tao Yin, Wang Lei, Zhao Lixin and many other powerful actors in China and russia. According to the reporter, the drama of the time span of 50 years, shooting cycle will be up to 120 days, is expected to be broadcast on the end of next year. Synopsis: over 50 years tells a transnational love in The imprint is engraved on my heart. gaomantang writer’s works, whether it is the "northeast" "Iron Age" or "Wenzhou" one family "old farmer", will expand the small figure in the specific historical context of the story. And the border of love, the story also occurred in a special era. The difference is, this time for the first time gaomantang "love" as the most important works of the soul, he will tell the story of a very The imprint is engraved on my heart. international love story. While gaomantang said that he wrote the story of the purpose is to let the young people now believe in love. The story happened in the last century at the end of 50s to the beginning of this century, is about Beijing Broadcasting College Female Students and students of art autumn Welsend, colleagues Song Shaoshan, the Soviet Union exploits broadcasting between Katya et al tortuous love story. Because of the special background, the transnational love entanglement for decades, parting, acacia, waiting, etc. after many tribulations reunion between the protagonists, but everyone did not give up for the dedication and the pursuit of love. The works are emotional and moving, the theme is positive, in recent years, rare realism theme works. In addition, the historical background of the real grand drama, the time span of 50 years, shooting cycle will last for more than and 120 days, the crew will be removed Dalian, Shenyang, Heihe Qipanshan snow village, Tieling, Diaobingshan, Khabarovsk, Moscow, Russian Blagoveshchensk 8 locations for shooting, the female one autumn as many as more than 1 thousand and 200 literary characters play, the challenge for the actor is not small. The main secret: gaomantang Mao Weining first teamed Tao Yin Wang Lei Zhao Lixin starred in "love" is the screenwriter high full house with director Mao Weining for the first time cooperation, and the cooperation of the two also makes the works of nature with the benchmark in the industry, can be expected to work with distinctive characteristics, the production of sophisticated, the ratings will have brand guarantee. This work is also known as the market and the Department in charge of television drama, the most noteworthy realism in 2017". Compared to a variety of IP big drama, the selection of angle style, the cast of the play is also very solid, and high house, Mao Weining intersection. The female one autumn by Tao Yin bear, she worked in the screenwriter high full house "Wenzhou one family" featuring the heroine, and thus won the "flying Award for best actress. Two tied for the male one, respectively, played by Wang Lei, Zhao Lixin played the role of Song Shaoshan. Wang Lei has worked with Mao Weining "banner" "ordinary world", "love.相关的主题文章: