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Ma Huateng Liu Qiang East trust management to teach you how to manage this opportunity big excerpts from Professor Yang Guoan in the "September 9, 2016 forum organized Innovation Summit in times of change and change the" gene "book launch · Beijing Railway Station" and "change" speech gene is a new content of mobile Internet technology, is a technological leap. Mobile Internet allows many companies in different areas have the opportunity to collect innovation, so that they can have the opportunity to turn overtaking, stand out, this new technology to create a lot of new possibilities. Professor Yang Guoan, the winner of the mobile Internet era of seven common characteristics of mobile Internet era is a time of change, for some to actively embrace the mobile Internet technology companies, he can bring enormous business opportunities, innovation and competitiveness. But most companies refused to embrace, often not be typed, is eliminated, which is reflected in many different industries." Professor Yang Guoan: we see some companies can use the mobile Internet to provide connections for the customer; there are some mobile Internet companies to sell products in the manufacturing and made some new upgrades; a enterprise can let the service bring new innovation through the mobile internet. We define these companies as a positive embrace, grasp the winner of mobile Internet business. The mobile Internet era winner, will generally have the following 7 common characteristics: the market value of the mobile Internet era winner characteristics of L ultra high: more than $10 billion in market value, such as Lenovo Lenovo to us as an example, each year hundreds of billions of yuan of mobile internet marketing, these enterprises valuation is very high, the L growth rate drops, such as ultrafast: WeChat Supercell, the growth of these enterprises is very fast, WeChat was born in 2011, they are all very young companies, but they are very successful. L team does not necessarily need more people: such as Supercell, WhatsappFacebook in the purchase of WhatsAPP, WhatsApp’s market capitalization of $19 billion, but only 50 employees. L: winner of each field of one of the new business model: subversion or l such as apple, Amazon, UBER these enterprises often use mobile Internet technology to subvert innovation or new business models, such as apple, people do have mobile phone, but the mobile Internet technology. L digital products, soft than hard L is more important to master big data: understanding user behavior, user portrait, can be extended to explore more new products and services. Key to the success of Forum Organization Innovation Summit in times of change and "change" release event gene: the strategic direction of × enterprise talent shows itself; ability to organize many of you heard of Supercell, it was founded in 2011, headquartered in Finland, mobile game developers. First, it was born in the era of mobile internet. Second, the development of products are around the mobile internet. This is a mobile Internet companies can seize. He has four games, the top ten in the world. "A game management company can be formed in the same way as a professional sports team相关的主题文章: