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Man in a car accident to save more than a strange child too late to save the old mother – Sohu news was a happy holiday trip, turned into a heartbreaking injury. The afternoon of August 24th, hangrui high-speed Jiangxi Province, a Hubei A bus license, lime truck rear end car drag. Two car rollover in high speed under subgrade, the bus number of people trapped. Accident has caused 6 people were killed and 25 injured, the relevant departments have been involved in the aftermath. Yesterday morning, more than a number of Wuhan tourists injured in a car accident has been transferred from Jiangxi to several hospitals in Wuhan. AFP reporters learned that the Wuhan tourist Sun Min, eyes are lime burns, lung contusion, crisis involving many people rescued. Unfortunately, the nearly seven years old mother died of severe wounds finally died in his arms, the man recalled the hero was in tears. The bus rear end rollover moment of the 41 year old Sun Min, Hubei ICT communication limited company staff. His ten year old son, is in primary school grade four. Seeing the children in school immediately, his wives and children and parents, the newspaper group went to Mount Huangshan to attend the three day two night tour. "Before is driving, the newspaper group is thinking about the discount, tickets and rooms are to travel to help set a good, easy." Sun Min said. In August 22nd, Wuhan 17 bus tours to Mount Huangshan, go forward with great strength and vigour. 24 at noon, the tourists after dinner in Mount Huangshan, on the high speed to return to Wuhan, Sun Min, a family of 5 sat on the bus number 4, a total of more than 50 tourists on board. Return the bus did not go. Sun Min himself sat in the fifth row, his wife and son sitting in the fourth row, parents sitting in the third row. "Only a driver of the car, no one. After dinner people will be sleepy. Before we remind the driver, to the service area to stop for a while." Sun Min said. More than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the bus from Jiangxi to Jingdezhen to the direction of travel of Jiujiang hangrui high-speed nine scenery section, and a tow truck rear end of lime. "I was sleepy, heard the bang bang, the first car to the left shake, then turn to the right 3 meters deep under the roadbed." Head injured tourists Lee recalled. Sun Min’s memory of the accident is deep. He told reporters, at that time the bus just after a service area has not stopped, he took a mobile phone at the time, a rise of the moment, the bus hit the truck ahead. Did not feel the brakes, the two cars are turned, the bus hit the front did not. First, the smell of burning paste, followed by choking lime flavor……" Sun Min could not bear to recall that scene. Could save more than the pain with the car show Jiangxi local media published photos and videos, highway subgrade, a grade of "the ALY828" bus rollover, wheel up. On the ground and under the roadbed, poured a lot of white lime. You can see from the video, the bus was in a ditch beside the rollover. "That one cannot bear to think of the past sound of a cry for help." Here, Sun Min began to shed tears. Calm down, he recalled many people trapped in the front of the car, then a little girl to call him "Uncle save me." He saw the girl’s feet was pinned, he helped draw.相关的主题文章: