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Man posing as telecommunications administration staff cheated Panyu woman 1 million 180 thousand (correspondent: Zhang Lihua Cen Bohan) Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau today (September 24th) issued an urgent reminder: Recently, telecom scams and renovation, the crooks posing as the communication management department of the Public Security Bureau, to turn the deal on the grounds to send people mobile phone spam SMS, then money from the victim of fraud. The fraud has made many people fooled, the maximum loss of 1 million 180 thousand! Guangzhou police called again and asked the public to remind: "you received any calls for money laundering, or disclosure of personal information, or mobile phone number of illegal", to calm judgment, to hang up and dial 110; "the public prosecutor," judicial organs have strict handling process, not a call transfer. Where the phone calls you transfer strangers, are no doubt liar. September 23rd 11 am, the victim Ms. Huo to the police in Panyu, said by telephone fraud by about 1 million 180 thousand yuan. After a preliminary understanding of the police, the original Ms. Huo 20 morning received a self styled "strange call Communications Bureau supervision department", the 1 men in the telephone to inform its suspected of sending spam messages in a mobile phone number China Mobile opened, and helped Ms. Huo directly to the line to the Public Security Bureau "". After a person claiming to be a police officer Wang Gang requirements, after the sale of the stock of about 1 million 180 thousand yuan through the online banking account to the other party to provide. After that, Ms. FOK was aware of deception, so the alarm. Currently, Panyu police have filed for investigation. According to the Guangzhou police anti fraud telecommunications center statistics, September 20th 0 to 24, 12, the center received a report fraud alert 47 posing as the Guangdong communications administration. The amount of loss of more than 2 million yuan cheated people. Anti fraud Police Center pointed out that this type of fraud is suspected victim phone calls, said that under the name of a mobile phone number to send a large number of suspected fraud messages (spam), others report, the victim will stop all phone numbers. Then help the victim to transfer to the public security bureau. Subsequently, the police played by other suspects, the victim to identity information disclosure, to cooperate with the handling on the grounds, requiring the victim to provide the money to his account handling". Most of the suspects call +8702087666118, +0195852102, +02087629512, +8518253400 and other network change number. Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau anti fraud center to remind the general public 1, pay attention to the origin of a strange phone. Fraud posing as public security, industrial and commercial tax and other staff texting and calls, the public must pay attention to the caller. On the "0086", "+86", "+027", "170", "171" sign section at the beginning of the phone number to be cautious, beware of scammers call! If necessary, can directly dial the caller number, there is a suspicious to report 110. 2, the public security organs, procuratorate, the court will not require the transfer of the masses! There is no such thing as a "national security account.""! 3, any stranger calls, put forward the remittance request whenever can determine the scam! 4, daily life involves bank transfer, please verify!相关的主题文章: