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Manchester refused to accept the FA decided to Aguero alleged elbow appeal – Sohu sports FA charges against Manchester City in the Premier League this season against West Ham United in the third round of the Manchester City game, Manchester City striker Aguero allegedly elbowing West Ham defender Reed, this action escaped the referee Marina notice, but after the game was FA charges, if convicted, Aguero may be suspended for 3 games, will miss the next round of the Manchester derby. According to sky sports news, Manchester City dissatisfied with the FA’s allegations, decided to appeal. After the FA investigation team after watching the video playback, then think Aguero should be a direct red card penalty, but the referee and assistant referee did not see this dangerous action Aguero, Aguero did not make any penalty. Sky Sports said that an independent commission on football in England will meet on Friday to discuss the matter. If Aguero’s action has been identified violations, so he probably will be suspended for three games, including a September 10th fourth round game against Manchester United in the Premier League Manchester derby, and the September 17th home court against Bournemouth and the next league cup game against Swansea. Aguero once lost, for Manchester City is undoubtedly a huge loss, especially such a heavyweight showdown with Manchester United at the beginning of the season, Aguero is hot, the competitions in 3 matches and scored 6 goals, and help the team to win the league season 3 game winning streak. (Ma Di)相关的主题文章: