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[manual] Hunan taste typical new jars of meat you eat? Sohu and the National Day holiday, small series do not have to go out every day wine and dine out, most of the time at home. Where there are many people, I do not know whether to choose to travel out of the people have been crowded ~ I was planning, and so we have come back, travel light down, I can choose a place to play! Recently busy watching video, did not post, because really did not go out to eat a big meal. During the national day to go to relatives to eat a small shop, the taste is really good ~ we basically every time there will be a small poly. Well, not every day abroad, we still have a lot of delicious Hunan! For a camera, not fun, just to see the next photo, take a good point! This dish is a jar of meat, with chopped pepper, fermented black bean, old godmother pork small fire boil, meat with the skin, scoop out the feeling is three words: high calorie! However, fat is not greasy, that is the entrance, spicy pork is more fun, chewing taste. Eat a bowl of pork, chili oil and rice! This autumn fat posted a little heavy, calm, calm and control! So many kinds of fish sauce pepper fish head approach, love the most is the hot pepper sauce, steamed fish, fresh fish, pepper sauce cool acid. Whether it’s double pepper or pepper sauce, it’s delicious! Stewed turtle completely took a virtual…… Khan ~ soup is very delicious, very delicious! Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork casserole vermicelli, needless to say, every time will point, especially love to eat, the fried crispy rice. The fans of the series of health bamboo shoots and mushroom soup hot brine five in one chicken, beef, leek, lotus root, bean curd, Changsha authentic flavor ingredients after stewed cooked with chili oil, spicy good wine! Taro sweet potato pill typical Hunan Hunan, there are several stores in the business Changsha, very popular, steamed soup is Rice-meat dumplings they sign, but this came out. The next time you look at the pictures. Address: Bai Sha Lu Changsha Tianxin District No. 269 Phoenix 1 Tel: (0731) 88824378 more exciting: please pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Yi Lian queen相关的主题文章: