Mark denies Gao Yuanyuan’s pregnancy no zghd

Mark directly denied that Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant: no 32 year old (Mark) with the age of 36 in 2014, married in, although the family life is happy, but the woman’s belly has not been. 25, the media broke Gao Yuanyuan pregnant, so many fans pleasantly surprised, but brokers responded "ETtoday entertainment star cloud" directly deny: "no ah, Mark (Mark) is this person, would say, did not say no." Whether because of less than 3 months can not say? The broker replied, "that’s not pregnant." There are also media contact Gao Yuanyuan studio publicity director Gao Yuanyuan, the other also denied the pregnancy rumors, he also revealed that Gao Yuanyuan and Mark are currently Canada on vacation, will return to their work in after the end of the holiday. Mark Gao Yuanyuan, married life is low-key, days before she accompanied Zhao to visit his family, it was broke to the gynecological examination, pregnancy is often concerned. Just 25 day is the birthday of Mark 32, and immediately broke the pregnancy, but at any time by a broker denied, and said that Mark, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Shuhai [micro-blog], Zhao mother one family in Canada holiday and birthday, "Mark’s birthday wish is the family safe and healthy body." For a child, "they are naturally, 2 people are now working in space, from 9 months to rest for 1 months, whether one’s spare time" gas man "? Broker laughs: "husband and wife… This thing is to let nature take its course!" Mark also revealed that after the couple will have time to return to work in Taiwan, attended the event.相关的主题文章: