Match-fixing from the baby kick Guangzhou U11 parents planning 25 to 2

"Match-fixing" from the baby kick? Guangzhou U11 parents planned 25 to 2 farce of more than 2, a level of football in Guangzhou U11 game, played a volleyball score, once again to the full swing in the development of China’s football on campus in a loud slap in the face of the game. In the National Day holiday, Guangzhou football is the same as 6 years ago, was forced to put on the cloak of match-fixing. Match-fixing? Negative game? Overage players? A puzzle appeared in front of people. "Let the 9 year old, the child over the age of 10 to pursue results, this is not what we expect, nor is it the Chinese football want to see," said the head of the organizing committee. Why a group of U11 children will play match-fixing? This match-fixing is inspired some people? These had poisoned football seedling who? "Match-fixing Doll" from the kick – Guangzhou U11 game 25 than 2 incident investigation report of reporter Ye Hui 7, a Guangdong football circles in the social media broke the news, held in the National Day Golden Week holiday "Guangzhou Yida autumn Cup group U11 match, ranked second in the small Ye Dongshan team and ranked third in Guangzhou the Tikitaka team has played fantastic 25 2" volleyball score, victory and return to Dongshan small Ye 6 goal difference advantage, beat with 19 points (6 wins and 1 draws) Guangdong athletes won the champion. Originally, in the U11 group of football matches, playing 25 to 2 such score is not impossible. However, the final score of the loss of Guangzhou Tikitaka in the first half of the 2 to 1 lead, but in the second half of the game, even lost the ball in the 30 minutes in the second half. It is even more difficult to imagine that Tikitaka players in the second half not only negative, but also the initiative to kick the ball into their own goal. A group of U11 children was match-fixing way to China to carry out the campus football like a raging fire, gave a slap in the face through the country. Why a group of U11 children will play match-fixing? This match-fixing is inspired some people? These had poisoned football seedling who? This article will reveal the answer for you. The youth games that 25-2 volleyball scores (data plan) Guangdong young coach: "we had threatened to kill the opponent and this is just an exchange event, it is about the joy of football, why are so utilitarian, why match-fixing! If God is really hard work with a small Dongshan hit the opponent than 25 2, we are convinced that. But the Tikitaka player openly to his goal kicker shot, that is naked match-fixing, is simply the year hailifeng match-fixing version." In order to understand the game 5 what happened, the reporter interviewed by telephone manager and Guangdong Shunde young football training center for Guan Yuhai young Guangdong team, let him look at the reduction process at the time of the game. Tube coach recalled, 5 pm that afternoon between the little God and Tikitaka Guangzhou Derby, the first half of the game is very normal, the second half is completely changed taste. In the first half of the Tikitaka play very well, 2 to the top of the mountain than the little Lord of the 1. The second half of our players, including my parents at the scene to watch the game, I heard that the pair.相关的主题文章: