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Meng Fei Lu Yu, a literary petty tour! Each big tourism – Sohu will meet every one endless journey of life will be reunited fro every dream you have — passing from your world in fact, everyone’s heart lived a literary heart. The corners of the world where the art store, dull and beautiful, recently, Meng Fei drove with a tour of Nanjing, along the way the United States and the explosion of the! Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum Boulevard? — Yongfeng — poetry pioneer Bookstore — Meng Fei — small Ming City Wall — Biwa Ko would like to bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, to slow the pace of life, drove to the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum Boulevard ~ 1 oxygen absorption ever imagined, walking in the forest, not only the birds. The company occasionally can meet a diffuse a coffee club? Shed the autumn sunshine everywhere everywhere, or sitting or lying, stopping time. In the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum of Yongfeng poetry society, there is a huge open-air outdoor bookcase. The most distinctive is that there are a variety of poems collecting from all over the world. When you want to find a tramp over mountains and through ravines on poetry and poets of the book, perhaps it is here in a corner, quietly waiting for you, it is a "create new styles between the poet’s study". Pushkin blew the bugle, poets out bubble tea, old books, old piano, and it was stained with dust and paint…… There is a strange magic, so that people who walk into it, as if to touch the lives of the past poets and scenes of the soul. 2 nearby home pioneer bookstore, as Nanjing’s spiritual and cultural landmark, pioneer bookstore has experienced 20 years of wind and rain in Nanjing, Nanjing become the cultural name card, many domestic and foreign institutions as "the most beautiful bookstore". In the book pioneer bookstore to poetry as the main, and hand-painted map, hand-painted postcards, notebooks, woodblock prints, art frame, postcards, bookplates, cloth, crafts and other cultural and creative tourism products. Little cup of coffee here, take a book, the mundane annoyance were shut out. 3 every night 18:30 Nanjing people like to sit around the table to lock his show, he is Meng Fei! Nanjing people are not unfamiliar with Meng Fei, from the earliest Nanjing zero to now, if you are the one, Mr Meng Fei is amiable, humorous image of the audience. But Meng Fei is also a chowhound! This is a company called "Meng Fei small" to Meng Fei’s small restaurant ~ Chongqing taste characteristics of noodles, collocation with the characteristics of his home dishes, some sweet scented osmanthus plum, a spicy noodles with a drink, the taste, the United States and the United States Da ~ 4 in all types of buildings, the most intimate the people of Nanjing, a number of walls. Standing in the Ming city wall, in front of a thriving city, and this corresponds to the back of the ancient city wall, the moment will be able to bring people back to the old days. 5 in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing, Shannan Zijin, dragon neck Road South, at the foot of the walls, there is a little water in Biwa Ko. After years of hiding in the dense woods, the South and the West are blocked by the high walls of the Ming dynasty.相关的主题文章: