Methods and skills of using chopsticks to teach children! winavi

Methods and skills of using chopsticks to teach children! [Abstract] after the age of three, at each meal, parents should pay attention to let the baby in the right way to take cutlery. If you eat half the turnover or catch into chopsticks, not specifically reminded, as long as every day repeatedly taught him right, he clearly remember, you can get well. Use chopsticks to improve the flexibility of fingers. The use of chopsticks, be sure to force properly, coordination, in order to pick up food. Research shows that eating with chopsticks can exercise, including shoulder, arm, palm, fingers, the size of the more than and 30 joints and more than and 50 muscles, this is in fine motor development in babies, exercise is the best. Promoting brain development. Studies have shown that the baby finger is the wisdom of constant movement, will stimulate the cerebral cortex, enhance the "responsible" imagination, creativity activity area, reach the hands and brain effect, is of great help to the development of intelligence. Learn to use chopsticks for many children, learning to use chopsticks or a very easy thing, how skilled to manipulate the two sticks, not only need patience and time, more importantly, are interested in. The creation of children with chopsticks to the atmosphere to be strong. Teach your baby to eat with chopsticks, must have a good learning atmosphere, let the little guy in the monasteries, learn to use chopsticks. On the table, as far as possible to let the baby to see everyone to eat with chopsticks, can make more exaggerated gestures in front of him, such as slow food into the mouth, happy to eat, let the baby feel like eating is very interesting. Do not give the baby other dishes, so that the baby slowly accustomed to using chopsticks to eat, there is often no choice, progress faster. Encourage the most important. New skills in the learning process, in addition to interest, the baby is to pay, will encounter some difficulties, you will give him a strong incentive to encourage. Because he can not afford food in the clip and blocking the gas breaking things, because the fingers are not flexible everywhere food, do not blame, with your kind words to comfort and encourage him, let him know that you are always there for him. Forced intolerable. Before learning new skills, the baby will show a certain desire, such as grab your hands of chopsticks, staring at others to eat the action, like playing with chopsticks, etc.. So your task is to seize the details of his interest, rather than because of the age should be learned, and forced him to learn, but instead of doing it, let it be the best!相关的主题文章: