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Metro line two in June next year, passenger trial operation of Metro Line 1, line two, the progress of the construction of the project has been much public concern, the first phase of the first phase of the two phase of the official passenger line of the first phase of the 1 line of the disclosure of the project for the first time in 1. Track to do public message in reply said public opinion network, in June next year, Metro Line 1, the two phase of the project will be the passenger test operation, at the same time, the problems related to the subway construction for public concern, track to do one by one reply. Recently, the public Ms. Yang in the public opinion online message consultation on Metro Line 1 phase two project of the passenger test operation situation, the people said, with the project forward, line 1, two will be opened to traffic by the end of May next year, there is news that will carry passengers, to know the news is accurate. In this regard, the Municipal Rail office replied that the metro line two phase of the project is scheduled to open at the end of 2016 trial run. In accordance with the provisions of the state, the subway running time should not less than 3 months, the No. 1 line project has been officially passenger operations, the Convention Center Station for connection of the one or two phase of the project is to ensure the operation of the train station, safety, during the commissioning of 1 line two engineering and commissioning work only in the train outage (after the middle of the night), so the test run time for 6 months. Scheduled for June 2017 passenger trial operation. At present, the construction of the two phase project of Metro Line 2 is orderly, the focus of attention, when traffic is online public opinion in this regard, rail operators said that the 2 line two in 2017 is expected to be achieved by the end of test run. In addition, there are 2 lines east of Haizhiyun station opening time also asked the public opinion online in. "In particular, the Donggang business district is mature, there are fountains at night, such as the opening as soon as possible, will greatly facilitate the public travel." In this regard, rail operators said that the eastern section of Metro Line 2 phase two project (Donggang station, DongHai Railway Station and Haizhiyun station) the construction and commissioning work has been completed, to tap water after the completion of construction, will seize the time to organize fire inspection and assessment work, planned for the end of 2016 the passenger test operation. Dalian Metro Line 1, the two phase of the project completed related reading: Dalian Metro Line No. 7, 4, 5 construction projects have started the preparatory work of Dalian subway passengers are uncivilized phenomenon across the yellow line waiting to do track Q Maritime University Station Wanda Plaza side entrance is still unable to the construction of the two phase of the project has been close to the Metro Line 1 the end, is expected to be the opening of trial operation by the end of this year, and along the multiple station entrance to the distribution become a topic of public concern. Recently, there are people in the public opinion message advice, whether or not to open the entrance to the University of Hong Kong University Wanda plaza. "See Hongji literary garden has three or four entrances are tense construction decoration, but between high tech Zone Jinhui and Wanda Plaza seems to have an entrance, don’t know why?" The public side of MR in the message said, a day between Jinhui and Wanda Huangpu road all the people to drive to a pedestrian crossing the road difficult. "Why don’t take subway to the pedestrian underpass to fix? Now take advantage of the subway has not yet opened the repair, and other subway completely opened, and then do not interfere with the normal subway ride it?" Mr. side hopes the subway construction sector concerned about this issue. City Rail office, said a total of 3 Maritime University Station相关的主题文章: