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Microsoft and OpenAI announced a partnership with Mask to develop artificial intelligence – Sohu technology in AI research, Microsoft found on the Mask. Recently, Microsoft and musk research team of artificial intelligence OpenAI announced a partnership to provide Azure cloud system for large scale experiment. Photo: TechCrunch Microsoft’s Azure N series is a powerful Nvidia based graphics processing unit cloud computing services, and OpenAI is one of its early users. In addition to providing in-depth learning, simulation, neural network rendering and training services, Azure GRID NVIDIA also provides high end virtualization for workstations and streaming applications. Photo: Reuters Open AI said in his blog, high-speed computer Azure is an important reason why they choose to work with: "the rapid progress of our progress, cannot do without using a faster computer, especially for the emerging AI technologies such as reinforcement learning and model generation, even more so." At the same time, OpenAI also said that after the two sides will also promote the study of AI and the use of methods of cooperation, they will in the course of the experiment to Microsoft continues to provide feedback to help the improvement of Azure, "the Azure’s ability to keep up with our understanding of AI." OpenAI is a joint of many Silicon Valley tycoons in Musk non-profit organization established in December last year, expressed concern about the future of musk AI is too smart, set up the company’s goal is to ensure the safety of the development of AI, to prevent its misuse. Although the AI had doubts, but musk is undoubtedly one of the direct beneficiaries of this project. Such as "Iron Man" under the banner of the Tesla Motors, the automatic driving system of deep learning benefited from AI, and with the help of OpenAI platform, can also be a Tesla musk snare in the field of artificial intelligence personnel. Title: The Verge from Wu Ling work mailbox: wuling@ifanr mailbox # welcome attention to love fan children WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章: