Military sources sacrifice fly more than female J-10 was approved as a revolutionary martyr – Asahi

Military news: female flying Yu Xu sacrifice J-10 was approved as a revolutionary martyr – Sohu Military Channel November 12th killed in flight training in the f -10 female pilot Yu Xu, was approved as a revolutionary martyr. Yu Xu is China training of female fighter pilots, is the first car f -10 aircraft flying female pilots. Born in 1986 in Sichuan Chongzhou, in September 2005 the army, has over 4 models, two times won three. The air force spokesman Shen Jinke, Yu Xu was set up in the new China 60 anniversary celebration of National Day military parade in the capital over the Tiananmen, driving many f -10 aircraft flight performance in the tenth session of the eleventh session, China airshow and air force open activities, dissemination of cultural space, show the air force. Yu Xu and his comrades driving fighters -10 flying abroad, Langkawi in Malaysia international shipping exhibition, Thailand joint air force training on the closing ceremony of the flight performance, show Chinese spirit, China power and aerospace dream to the world. The spokesman said that Yu Xu grew up from a rural Sichuan girl for the Republic’s first fighter -10 female pilots, love flying dream space, the best time to the military career, the regretless youth into the motherland aerospace. Yu Xu killed in flight training in the news, affecting all walks of life, and the masses of overseas Chinese and international friends concerned regret, hundreds of millions of users in a variety of ways for the outstanding female pilots said the sudden departure of mourning, the heroine with respect. At present, more than for "flowers" Asahi hall online users has reached 10 million.相关的主题文章: