Mom use the money to apply for a job! At the age of 29, but the house was a dream to buy treasure-bleep

Mom: use the money to apply for a job! The 29 year old house is to buy treasure can dream said poor parents, many parents raise their children to bear bitter hardships, books for teaching, with an age of marriage, but also shoulder the responsibility with the sun. But some children are really not good, broke the hearts of parents. Japan, a 29 year old home squatting behavior makes a lot of people feel angry, his mother gave him a total of about 10 thousand yen (about RMB 620.97) as a job search fee, but the house was bought with money, "the spirit of the moon can be magic treasure. Yesterday (November 18th), a Japanese friend posted a picture on twitter, saying, you will soon be 30 years old, it is time to go to work, I give you as much as 10 thousand yen as a job. Mother". But the name of the user but with the cost of the job to buy the "Wizard treasure can dream moon", he said sorry mom. And his latest situation is because it is very busy, so with a green caterpillar all customs clearance. For this famous squatting behavior, Japanese netizens have expressed their views: "you are not better?" "It’s a bad man. You should go back." "You have to kneel down to beg for forgiveness." "You should buy the sun and play with mom, you can build a better parent-child relationship!" "This is a self." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime.相关的主题文章: