More than two pieces of infringement luxury goods seized by customs in Beijing-clazziquai

More than two pieces of luxury goods seized by customs – infringement Beijing has a total of 2110 pieces of handbags, wallet, watch 77 Shenzhen Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Cui Ningning Zhong Chao) to buy luxury goods, the pursuit of fashion and quality of life in the moment has become more and more common. And buy fake luxury, I believe it has nothing to do with fashion and quality. Recently in Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen, a number of undeclared attempt to exit the infringement of luxury, was intercepted by the customs. According to Shenzhen customs under the Shenzhen Bay customs bulletin, September 23rd, by the relevant human rights confirmation, 2187 pieces of counterfeit "in the logistics outbound channels seized luxury", suspected of violating the Louis Weedon Marley Siti company, Guccio Gucci spa, Michael Coase (Switzerland), Geneva international Limited by Share Ltd Hengbao Limited by Share Ltd intellectual property rights. On the evening of September 20th, the customs clearance in a declaration of export lamps, hardware products and other goods for routine inspection, found that the car has 45 boxes of goods not declared. After further opened for inspection and seized a total inventory, with the "LV" and "GUCCI" and "Michael Kors" LOGO Handbag Wallet, a total of 2110, with the "HUBLOT" logo watch 77. According to the on-site customs officers handbags leather, smell, hardware quality judgment may belong to the infringement of counterfeit products, and the carrier of the goods of the company can not provide authorized production and sales qualification certificate. In September 23rd, the sea Association Louis Weedon Marley Siti company, Guccio Gucci spa, Michael Coase (Switzerland), Geneva international Limited by Share Ltd Hublot Limited by Share Ltd confirmed verification, these 2187 items are infringing counterfeit products. Currently, the consignment has been detained according to law, the case was transferred to the Customs Department for further investigation and treatment. It is understood, according to the "Regulations" Customs Protection of intellectual property rights in People’s Republic of China, the import and export of goods infringing intellectual property rights, the confiscation of infringing goods, and impose a fine of 30% the value of the goods; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Related violations of goods will also be handled after the end of the case, the law is faced with the transfer to public institutions, the implementation of destruction, public auction or transfer of intellectual property rights, such as the disposal of compensation.相关的主题文章: