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Mouth medicine: why A dream to go to the bakery to buy the causeway to burn in the virtual world for real people must have a head. Having said that, but as an animation, in addition to their own fun, but also should be discussed as a platform for fans exchange. So, if you don’t want to be discussed, you shouldn’t be liked from the start. Recently, why A dream to run to the bakery to buy ordinary Dorayaki caused controversy: 1: No. San 20161022 (soil) so strange robot to buy things, generally will be the police. 2: no 20161022. San (soil) he should often go out. 4: no 20161022 (soil). San Dorayaki is really good? 5: no 20161022. San (soil) did not use does not make people feel abnormal halo or something? 8: no 20161022. San (soil) is obviously a chixianfan, but all require the causeway to burn. 9: no 20161022. San (soil) was brainwashed props have illusion. 12: no 20161022. San (soil) reply 9 floor: there is no such thing, look carefully you can see the residents or the A dream of a robot. 11: no 20161022. San (soil) you remember him with a bomb destroyed the earth? 18: no 20161022. San (soil) had let people love their cookies first. 23: no 20161022. San (soil) to melt into the life of the people around you brainwashed. 27: no 20161022. San (soil) why so love the causeway to burn? Is there no such thing in the future? 35: no 20161022 (soil). San duo A dream changed history, why not catch him patrol. 43: no 20161022. San (soil) reply 35 floor: no matter who married Yebishixiu will revise the result, so never mind. (Penguin mother: male grandchildren have so much?) 37: no 20161022 (soil). San duo A dream from where to get the money? 39: no 20161022. San (soil) mother to give pocket money. 38: no 20161022 (soil). San duo A dream to go to the bathroom? 46: no 20161022. San (soil) reply 38 floor: 45: name without coding San 20161022 (soil) as in the clerk there was a strange speech. Some works, the lack of settings will not necessarily become black spots. Sometimes those prominent contradictions tend to become buddies bridge link between each other, if there is a common sense of identity can be found, if have different cognitive, can also have a controversial topic. Do you think there is something very interesting in this childhood memory? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: