Music as the first shot of the rise of Internet TV prices rise is the main cause of the camera (vide-3344111

Music as the first shot of the rise in the price of Internet TV panel is the main reason for rising costs, the Internet has been playing in the field of TV price war, but the manufacturers are finally unable to hold up, as the music began the first shot of price increases. Recently, LETV announced that the panel prices continue to rise, ecological subsidies amount hardware continues to expand, therefore, the fourth generation of music as a super TV some models in September 20th prices will rise 100~200 yuan, up regulation after still adhere to the ecological subsidies hardware, negative profit pricing. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the panel is the most important cost of TV spending, since last year, the panel prices fell to the major Internet TV brand for users have resorted to price war. However, from the beginning of the second half of this year, the rapid rebound in the price of the panel, the operating pressure of the major brands can be described as unprecedented, the current Internet TV has to rise to the point. The price subsidies for exceeding the ability of the "daily economic news" reporter previously reported, Chilean consulting group data show that the mainstream 32 inch panel price rose sharply in July of $5.5, in August the supply remains tight, pushing the 32 inch panel panel factory prices continued to rise, is expected to rise to $7; other size panel prices also have a lot of rose. Music as provided by the data also show that in the past August, 40, 43 inch panel prices reached 12%~15%. This year, due to the increase in the average size of the panel led to an increase in the cost of cutting, Taiwan earthquake and other factors, the supply chain upstream supply shortage, the panel continued to rise. Although the ecological ecological subsidies TV using hardware, mode of negative profit pricing, but because the panel prices rose too fast, single TV hardware ecological subsidy amount is increasing, has exceeded the capacity of our ecological subsidies." As the price of music in the announcement also said that after the price adjustment, the relevant TV models are still ecological subsidies hardware, negative profit pricing model. It is worth noting that, as the 2015 annual report, mainly responsible for the TV terminal business subsidiary of music to new 2015 although achieved sales revenue of 8 billion 692 million yuan, but the losses have reached 730 million yuan; in the first half of 2016, as the cause of new music loss decreased to 56 million 870 thousand yuan. This means that the price of music as a factor is not just a simple price increases. "The music is not it could not support to prices, this kind of action than the price itself significance to big, the first is to break the outside of the music will play cheap impression, explain it to the price control ability is strong; second, this is to cause everyone’s attention, this is the usual practice of Internet companies the third is; this action happens in music as a ‘919’ before, should be considered to stimulate sales." Zhang Yanbin Ovid yunwang assistant president believes that as prices certainly have an impact on the industry, but this effect is not too big, relative to the price of thousands of yuan of TV, the price of 100 yuan, 200 yuan this not too much. The major brands as the new president Liang Jun to temporarily halt the troops and wait in the circle of friends also explained: "after the price of the super TV, will continue to adhere to the ecological subsidies hardware, negative profits still adhere to high pricing.相关的主题文章: