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"My father’s ex-wife abuse me" is not to let the young mother Beijing Club – Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) "my dad’s ex-wife lock me up let me eat, she hit me, please help me!" 13, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau police station received a young Longtan police said he was abused. The door of the police investigation found that the child’s father said his ex-wife is actually his mother, and his early age to nightclubs. The same day, the police immediately rushed to the police after receiving the alarm. After the door, a young boy with a yellow hair came forward and said that he was the police man Xiao Li, he claimed to be his father’s ex-wife abuse. However, the police investigation found that he was called the father of his ex-wife’s wife is actually his biological mother. Standing on the side of the mother Zhang is also hard to say, she told the police that his son Li is a junior high school student, since she and her husband after the divorce, his son Li followed her life. The son of adolescent, very rebellious, usually do not go to school all day at the bar. On the night before the alarm, Xiao Li and friends in the bar play to come home late at night, the mother Zhang very angry, they locked him in the room and let him, but he did not think the police. "I am a man pulling his life is not easy, he did not even want to call my mother, I call my father’s ex-wife." Zhang tearful said: "this naughty child unbearable, I have no way, please help the police education." In the police persuasion, Xiao Li to apologize to his mother, and said that he will go to a good school, don’t let mother sad. Police also reminded Ms. Zhang, rebellious children have a kind of their own as an adult psychology, feel that they can do a lot of things, hoping to attract the attention of others. But the children of this age is very immature, so parents need to communicate with their children, to guide them to establish a correct outlook on life, values.相关的主题文章: