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"My song" Zhang Jie Sheenah interview 3 big secret – Shenzhen Channel – original title: "my song" Zhang Jie Sheenah interview ah 3 big secret network variety show "my first file decompression ah song 3", Zhang Mingen Hu Yunhao series on Thursday 22:30 wonderful broadcast. As of September 29th 23:30, "my song" ah 3 top ten of the total amount of playing video has reached 460 million, the main program of micro-blog topic reading volume exceeded 6 billion 200 million. This program is ranked first in the variety show, the first online program list. In this programme, Zhang Mingen Hu Yunhao was elected to the rushing sound delusion, "my song ah 3" for the first time in the history of big guest three successive elimination last song of God, there is no suspense and sound crazy chorus; Sheenah staged version of "collapse" and "old nine door, playing the bad girl" singing double spring "peel" Hu Yunhao: "do you think I like noodles?" The joke. At the end of the program to open large welfare, advance notice Zhang Jie Sheenah exclusive interview backstage, too sweet interactive dog abuse, Sheenah exposed to see my brother is wearing a skirt, the two men at home there will be all kinds of unexpected interaction? What does Zhang Jie’s weekly meeting of the minds of Mr Sheenah talk about? Two people are still betting on the scene who will win? Zhang Mingen Hu Yunhao did not forget the original intention to select tone deaf distressed users Buddha Erye this program, Zhang Mingen said Hu Yunhao just played it expect selected sound delusion, because it is better to sing. The result was, not surprisingly, two successful election to the sound crazy, and in my song "ah 3" on the stage for the first time in three successive elimination guests picture song, even Sheenah could not help but with reference tone group all "worship" two big guests, they will be together back to the "happy home", hilarious scenes make all over. After Nana sent the song actually own lyrics to Zhang Mingen unable to restrain the emotions, Hu Yunhao dancing and sing a song: "the three are gone, how should we do?" However, the two big guests are fascinated by the confidence that there will be five songs on the scene. Then, Yang Di Tucao said: "even if the five song are you all out, some are useless, you hit two." Even friends did not forget to laugh: "this is definitely out to two according to the mood, see who framed out who we really dead Buddha and putting innocent." Zhang Jie Sheenah recorded the desire of Nana was exposed to see my brother wearing a skirt this program finally released the long flower next special Zhang Jie, Zhang Jie Sheenah, announced in advance the rehearsal recording and interview exclusive footage, it is enough to give fans welfare. The scenes in Zhang Jie admit each program will see, correct rate is almost one hundred percent, and every week and Nana and a program of ideological exchange conference, don’t know two in the home is how to communicate? Jay said that the election is not afraid of the sound of the tone is not afraid, because he can bring back to the right track, but in the program recording process, Jie brother shouted: it is difficult to guess ah!" He distinguished tone deaf was Nana and the song of God Tucao: what do you do at the foot? You’ve been totally stupid." The next program is Zhongjie brother)相关的主题文章: