Nanchang marathon finished two days track guardrail is still cross the road, nobody tube (map-nrf905

The Nanchang marathon ended two days of   the track fence is still blocked unattended tube (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – events scattered roadside isolation fence spread all across in confusion of a national carnival is over, but left a feather". In November 22nd, Mr. Deng Chinese call the Jiangxi net, reflecting the 2016 Nanchang International Marathon after leaving the isolation fence spread all across in confusion scattered on the ground, seriously affecting the public, at the same time bring security risks. The guardrail scattered on the ground spread all across in confusion to public travel for 21 days, Mr. Deng near Nanchang Wenjiao road after supper as usual to go out for a walk, when walking to the Beijing Road, found on the stand or fall scattered many isolation barrier. "I thought it was traffic police, and then suddenly remembered the fence left by marathon." Mr. Tang told China Jiangxi network reporter, these are the iron fence, with half the height of adults in Beijing, on the west, a long distance, some lying on the roadside fence, some still stands in the street. "At the end of the two day, still with road guardrail, fence was not wide, the serious influence spread all across in confusion scattered, non motor vehicles and motor vehicle driving, but also lead to serious security risks." (Wu Ruo, Mao Siyuan: commissioning editor): the Organizing Committee for recovery of public concerns by the Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, Jiangxi China network reporter contacted the 2016 Nanchang International Marathon Organizing Committee, a staff surnamed Jiang told reporters that the game using the isolation barrier is not the organizing committee placed and recovered, but was placed and recovered by the city of Nanchang traffic management bureau. "May be now the traffic police brigade of all areas of the recovery is relatively late, but certainly recycling." At the same time, the staff also explained to reporters, because Nanchang held for the first time such a large marathon, lack of many places to do, I hope people understand. Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau: the Organizing Committee for recycling has been recovered according to the organizing committee staff said, Chinese Jiangxi network reporter contacted the Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, a staff member of the Council said that the isolation barrier placement and recovery are carried out according to the requirements of the organizing committee, the organizing committee also recovered. In addition, the staff told reporters, and now the organizing committee has been on the roadside guardrail recycling. According to the Organizing Committee and the staff of Nanchang traffic control bureau, there are some disputes about the recycling of guardrail. China Jiangxi network reporter will continue to pay attention. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan) 南昌马拉松结束已两天 赛道护栏仍横挡路边无人管(图)–江西频道–人民网 赛事隔离护栏横七竖八的散落路边 一场全民狂欢结束了,却留下一地“鸡毛”。11月22日,市民邓先生致电中国江西网,反映2016南昌国际马拉松结束之后,留下的隔离护栏横七竖八的散落一地,严重影响市民出行,同时带来安全隐患。 隔离护栏横七竖八散落一地 影响市民出行 21日,家住南昌市文教路附近的邓先生晚饭后和往常一样出门散步,当步行至北京西路时,发现地上或立或倒的散落很多隔离护栏。“我当时以为是交警放置的,后来突然想起是马拉松留下的护栏。” 邓先生向中国江西网记者介绍,这些隔离护栏都是铁质的,有成年人半人高,在北京西路上,很长的一段距离内,护栏有的倒在路边,有的依旧立在马路上。“比赛结束两天了,护栏还在,加上道路本来就不宽,护栏横七竖八的散落着,严重影响非机动车和机动车的行驶,而且带来严重的安全隐患。” (责编:吴若、毛思远) 赛事组委会:由南昌市交管局进行回收 针对市民的顾虑,中国江西网记者联系2016南昌国际马拉松组委会,一名姜姓工作人员告诉记者,比赛使用的隔离护栏并不是组委会放置和回收的,而是由南昌市交管局进行放置和回收。“可能现在是各辖区的交警大队回收的比较晚,但肯定是回收的。” 同时,该工作人员还向记者解释,由于南昌首次举办这样的大型马拉松赛事,很多地方做的不足,希望市民理解。 南昌市交管局:赛事组委会进行回收目前已陆续回收 根据赛事组委会工作人员的说法,中国江西网记者联系了南昌市交管局,该局一名工作人员表示,隔离护栏的放置和回收都是按照赛事组委会的要求进行的,同时也是赛事组委会进行回收。 此外,该名工作人员向记者表示,现在赛事组委会已经陆续对路边的护栏进行了回收。 根据赛事组委会和南昌市交管局工作人员的说法,对于护栏的回收存在一定的争议。中国江西网记者将继续关注。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: