National Day holiday Sanya police officers involved in the investigation and handling of 21 cases of-nibbuns

Sanya National Day holiday tourism and travel related cases 21 police detained 23 people – Beijing October 4th morning, Sanya tourism police detachment joint border detachment in Sanya Cape Coral Reef successfully carries a "black" diving point. Police photo Beijing, October 7 Sanya Xinhua (reporter Yin Haiming) reporter learned from Sanya 7, the National Day Golden Week tourism market regulation and the reception of the briefing, October 1st to 7, Sanya tourism police and multi sectoral joint investigation of illegal travel cases 21, 23 people in administrative detention. According to reports, during the National Day golden week, Sanya tourism police to increase unannounced visits and inspections, grasp the illegal clues immediately after the crackdown. For example, the morning of October 1st, police arrested the driver’s "black tourism motorboat" illegal passenger Wang illegal workers and illegal illegal showmanship personnel Wang Mousen in the Gulf of Sanya on the square; the morning of October 4th, Sanya tourism police joint border detachment into the end of a "black" diving work in Sanya Cape Coral Reef, arrested on the spot the 3 is to take tourists diving diving coaches; the afternoon of October 5th, in the Gulf of Sanya seaside tourist police arrested 425 hospital driving "black motorboat" illegal passenger illegal personnel mouxiang. Deputy Secretary of Sanya Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Yue Jin said that the National Day holiday, the city’s 35 tourism related departments 115 unannounced visits to the group full unannounced visits, strict penalties, strengthen the tourism market supervision. Multi sectoral joint regulation of the seafood stall, fruit stalls, marine tourism project etc.. Multi hand mediation travel disputes 11, for the amount of $77 thousand and 900 claims. The unlicensed "dream ocean jellyfish kingdom" was banned, the use of illegal construction management, suspected of commercial bribery "Chuan Xiang yuan seafood city was demolished. To dig up the roots "penetration is not destroyed, the" five black "(black, black, black, black, the agency does not close hand black)." Yue Jin said, during the national day, Sanya tourism police and joint law enforcement departments to investigate the black diving point, suspected of commercial bribery and unlicensed seafood stall case, reflecting the Sanya tourism rectification work is entering a crucial stage. Jin Yue also admitted that the development of Sanya tourism industry is still faced with some shortcomings, such as, to further improve the bearing capacity of the tourism infrastructure, tourism service still exist some urgent issues, need to further enhance the level of tourism regulation. He said, October 5th broke the Sanya Wuzhizhou Island scenic peak traffic, waiting in a long time, reflecting the increase the bearing capacity of the tourism service infrastructure, improve the tourism experience of tourists has become a new indicator of Sanya tourism service ability. Jin Yue also said that the seven day National Day holiday, Sanya 12345, 12301, two hotline received complaints of tourism, hotel booking, refund mainly involves taxipooling bargaining, seafood stall price, scenic area service quality, service quality of travel agencies and tour guides. To solve these problems, the Sanya municipal government will proceed to study and solve the problem. According to the reporter, during the National Day golden week, in addition to the staff involved in the travel business, the city of Sanya District, the Department also has more than 30 thousand people to adhere to the post holiday travel services相关的主题文章: