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Health Stretching exercises to increase height is a free, safe, and guaranteed effective way to increase the height of an individual. Exercise in general is a trick that may be done by an individual to this body to make it release human growth hormones. This is mainly because of the fact that exercise mimics the situation when the body is in the growth phase. Thus, it is right to resort to stretching exercises to increase the height. The hormones secreted by our pituitary gland is a .plex body chemical that initiates growth and size increase of bones, muscles, and tissues. The development of these body parts is essential for growth and gain of height. The more frequent we do our exercise, the more human growth hormone we naturally release into our bloodstream. Our body support is likewise enhanced by stretching because it lengthens our bones and our cartilage as well. Studies have it; stretching exercises to increase height are the most effective .pared to other exercise routines designed for height gain. It is an efficient way to exercise because it focuses on the body parts where in growth is deemed necessary. Majority of our height is attributed to the length of our spinal column and legs. Cartilages are the softer bones that hold together their harder counterparts. Stretching of the cartilage helps our body parts. This can be applied on each disc of our vertebrae and thigh bones. As de.pression is done on the cartilage, nutrients are taken in which thus result to both thickening and lengthening of our bones. Not doing stretching exercises to increase height or for any reason for that matter may lead to stunted growth because the cartilage and bones be.e weaker and not flexible, thus unready for growth. Therefore, if you want to grow taller, do stretching exercises to increase height regularly – a suitable and doable routine for stretching. This requires discipline in order for stretching is done regularly. In order to make workouts effective, stretching should be done long enough. The stretching exercises and routine should be done right with the correct techniques. The following stretching exercises may be re.mended: (1) standing forward bend, (2) downward facing dog, and (3) head to knee. So why resort to the painful and expensive alternatives that are offered? Stretching exercises to increase height is one of the most reliable ways to get what you want in this society wherein height is almost everything. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: