Neither eat soil nor low learn Guan Xiaotong Liu Wen back shoulder bag

Eat neither soil nor low Guan Xiaotong Liu Wen back big bag backpack parity looked very pretty, but the price is not so beautiful ~ ~ eat this "look not expensive and have forced the backpack brand Amway! Jansport reference price: $179.5-799 said the first parity backpack to the color of the classic and durable first brand America backpack Jansport! Even after Faye Wong also love it Jansport. Faye Wong go cool wind, or small clear air, the latest Jansport series of autumn and winter style can meet you! The latest Jansport winter series Willcot reference price: $200-500 drama "Doctors" inside the female pig Park Shin Hye is Ernie back Willcot a blue bag, color fresh and beautiful. Park Shin Hye Leonidoff this brand from South Korea, backpack style very simple, ice cream color seductive knock. Just buy a cream color to look back the Hin tide, very suitable for young people, very suitable for young people very suitable for young people to go out and shoot back loading force, all small fresh feeling! Small fresh feeling Kimura Harajuku reference price: $59-179 from Japan Harajuku Kimura, was born in 1995, the streets belong to tide brand. After blasting a backpack passers-by color ultra bright! Color printing design backpack backpack, absolute weapon suction eye! Prints of the backpack Lapalette reference price: $500-2200 this brand from Italy, flowers and Yang Zi often back home this bag, lavender very sweet. Floret Yang Zi Lapalette logo is a horse, the design is mainly based on horses, so commonly known as "pony bag". Pony pattern for the latest introduction of the autumn and winter retro feel style adds a lot of fun! Lapalette other styles of the back of the backpack back into the elegant sister hit, gray often suitable for several years of white-collar work and take the baby’s lady wind! Second sister hit elegant life in addition to wear Dedao, can carry on the shoulder a thing of beauty can not be ignored!相关的主题文章: