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Net car price hike requires a clear account, the price formation mechanism must be open and transparent network, about car prices! More than a month since the new car policy was announced, many passengers have found that the price of the car has gradually risen, and some of the car drivers complain about it. It is not unreasonable to raise the price of the "quasi birth certificate", but the price increases also need to come up with a clear account. The new policy gives the Internet car platform a full pricing power, requiring that the car platform company shall not impede the fair competition of the market, and shall not operate at the cost below the price, disrupting the normal market order". At present, the price of the net car is rising from both sides of the coin. On the one hand, after obtaining the "quasi birth certificate", the legal cost of the car has increased. On the other hand, after the combination of drop and advantage, both sides of subsidies have been reduced, prices rose significantly, while other online car platform, such as easy to use cars, Shenzhou special car and other platforms have also followed up. Leading enterprises that do not rule out monopoly in the industry begin to show their leading role in price rising. This price hike has obviously violated consumer rights and interests. The new policy gives the Internet car platform full pricing power, does not mean allowing its capricious price increase, the price mechanism of net car must be open and transparent. In fact, the current network formation mechanism about car prices, in addition to the net about car platform, other stakeholders, including drivers, passengers, regulators are confused. For example, the peak period of several times the price, such a set of reasons? What is the amplitude of the price of the car about a month? At present only in the concept of supply and demand platform and cost less, it is difficult to convince people. At present, the net car platform to do the "marked price", but did not do transparent pricing. In fact, the new policy also stipulates that "network about the car network about the car platform company shall reasonably determine the network about cars, the so-called" reasonable price "is not" reasonable ", should at least contain considerable transparency, and should not be closed pricing, otherwise impossible to implement" reasonable "two words. No matter before the net car platform has "burn enclosure", or the leading enterprises may lead by the monopoly position, and the new policy spirit of the car is inconsistent, is not conducive to the maintenance of fair competition in the market. The relevant regulatory authorities, especially the price authorities, should comply with the market changes and consumers’ demands, and take the initiative to implement the effective supervision of the pricing of Internet vehicles in line with the spirit of the new policy and the market rules.

网约车涨价需要一本明白账 价格形成机制必须公开透明   网约车涨价了!网约车新政策发布一个多月来,很多乘客发现,网约车价格开始逐步攀升,一些网约车司机也抱怨,网约车平台的补贴逐步下降。拿到“准生证”的网约车涨价并非全无合理性,但涨价也需要拿出一本明白账。   新政策赋予网约车平台以充分的定价权,要求“网约车平台公司不得妨碍市场公平竞争”,不得“以低于成本的价格运营扰乱正常市场秩序”。   对目前网约车价格上涨,要从硬币的两面来看。一面是取得“准生证”之后,网约车的法律成本有所上升。另一面,滴滴和优步合并之后,双方的补贴都有所减少,价格上涨明显,而其他网约车平台诸如易到用车、神州专车等平台也纷纷跟涨。不排除居于行业垄断地位的龙头企业对涨价的引领作用开始显现。这样的涨价明显侵犯了消费者权益。   新政策给予网约车平台以充分定价权,并不意味着允许其任性提价,网约车价格形成机制必须公开透明。   实际上,目前的网约车价格形成机制,除了网约车平台外,其他相关利益方,包括司机、乘客、监管机构都是一头雾水。比如高峰时期涨价若干倍,这般设置理从何来?网约车价格一月数变,这种调幅又为哪般?目前平台仅以供需、成本等概念一带而过,难以让人信服。   目前,网约车平台做到了“明码标价”,却未做到透明定价。实际上,网约车新政策也规定了“网约车平台公司应当合理确定网约车运价”,所谓“合理”并非“存在即合理”,至少应该包含相当的透明度,而不应闭门定价,否则“合理”二字无从落实。   无论此前网约车平台纷纷“烧钱圈地”,还是龙头企业可能借助垄断地位领涨,均与网约车新政策精神相左,不利于维护市场公平竞争。   网约车相关监管部门,尤其是价格主管部门也应顺应市场变化和消费者诉求,主动作为,对网约车定价实施符合新政策精神和市场规律的有效监管。相关的主题文章: