New Ke Mailuo interior official figure exposure debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show (video) sugus

New Ke Mailuo interior official figure exposure debut at the Guangzhou auto show Chevrolet sixth generation Camaro (Komaro (ginseng, pictures, inquiry)) last month in Shanghai completed the first domestic, but its interior has not announced. Today, Chevrolet finally exposed the car’s interior official figure, and said the real car will be officially released at the upcoming opening of the Guangzhou Motor Show (micro-blog). The sixth generation of Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet performance car interior design director Ryan Vaughan said, "and look like Ke Mailuo interior but also a new design, a high degree of recognition. For example, in the control panel and a completely different, our previous generation models as a blueprint, and to deconstruct the design language of komaro." The new car market! 2016 new sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro sixth generation Camaro interior uses side deviation driver in the control design and simplified physical buttons. Driver information center can support 20 kinds of information through the 8 inch LCD panel display, which can also display the dashboard speed and dynamic G. The steering wheel is also a new design, the use of Cole Victor Stingray, the car more in line with the identity of three pieces of leather flat bottomed steering wheel, integrated multi function keys, and is equipped with 50 Kemailuo exclusive anniversary commemorative logo. In the technology configuration, the sixth generation of Ke Mailuo Camaro with heated front cabin ventilation function, the ride comfort won the Ward awards in the "top ten interior is suitable for long-distance cruising comfort evaluation". In addition, the new car also uses electronic parking system, and through the ingenious design will cup seat position away from the shift lever, optimization of more central armrest space to obtain a more comfortable driving experience. Support for mobile phone wireless inductive charging; the car is equipped with MyLink intelligent vehicle interconnection system, CarPlay vehicle interconnect system and a new generation of Jetion WIFI and 4G LTE security and other hot technology configuration. It is reported that the new car will be officially opened in November, the Guangzhou auto show with domestic consumers.相关的主题文章: