New landscape Burns oil painting art exhibition will be held in China Art

New landscape: Burns oil painting art exhibition will be held in the Chinese Art Museum from September 2, 2016 to September 12th, "new landscape – oil painting exhibition" will be held at the China Art Museum in china. New landscape – Burns oil painting exhibition will be held at 10 am on September 2nd, at the Chinese Art Museum at the level of 7, at the beginning of the opening of the exhibition at 12 p.m., at 2 p.m.. The exhibition was curated by renowned curator and Professor Peng Feng of Peking University, and was presided over by renowned curator Wang Meng. The exhibition is the artist Burns graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts’s fourth solo exhibition, featured a new piece of work in the past three years, a total of about 20 pieces. The characters and the landscape is divided into two parts, were displayed in two galleries Chinese art gallery, a layer of 7 rooms. Burns has been exploring the integration of Chinese and Western painting on the road, and gradually built a unique and deep and rich spirit of the east of the individual artistic style. The display of figure painting into my contemplation style landscape spirit, exhibited in the mountains, water, trees, stone and other works in both a free Natural Wonderland, and into the profound humanistic feelings. Curator Peng Feng that "after painstaking exploration in recent years, Burns calligraphy and painting cleverly into the painting style, which will become the scenic landscape, but not in the traditional landscape, new landscape but sublation of landscape painting. Burns’s new landscape is not only the western landscape of China, but also the modernization of traditional landscape." On the way to Burns in the context of contemporary Oriental spirit has taken an important step forward. The part of the exhibition of Lujiang write thirteen four berberine like oil Burns 2016 40x34cm berberine Lu wrote thirteen paintings 40x34cm like one of Burns 2016 boulder oil paintings 40x40cmx40 Burns 2015 Burns 2016 Jun Guzhu paintings 60x50cm if the water oil paintings 60x60cmx60 Burns 2016 order Master said: "water, leshan." In Chinese culture, landscape is both natural and spiritual. Long, not only refers to the nature of the great, also refers to the lofty spirit. Thus, Chinese painter painting, praise is not only the nature, but also spiritual sustenance. However, with the spread of modernity, the integration of nature and the spirit of the landscape, transformed into an objective landscape, become the object of realistic painting and landscape photography. Landscape as a landscape, is no longer a symbol of the spirit. On the contrary, the traditional landscape painting only games, and the nature of the relationship. Modern landscape deprived of the spirit of the landscape, traditional ink deprived of the natural landscape. To return to the spirit of mountains and rivers, we need to overcome the drawbacks of traditional and modern, and let the nature and spirit shake hands and. Burns’s recent works have made important progress in resolving the contradiction between tradition and modernity, nature and spirit. Burns grew up practicing calligraphy and painting, after entering the printmaking department of the Central Academy of fine arts learning, engaged in oil painting and calligraphy and Guqin after graduation. After many years of exploration, Burns painting and calligraphy skillfully integrated into the painting style, which will become a landscape landscape, but not the traditional landscape, but abandoned the hospital相关的主题文章: