Nicholas Tse was invited to the feast Chinese delicacy chefs introduce Michelin crossover (video)-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Nicholas Tse was invited to Michelin feast chefs introduce Chinese wonderful delicacy cross Feng taste: "Michelin" friend Nicholas Tse was invited to the feast guests of Michelin entertainment Tencent to conquer the taste buds in late November 11th, Nicholas Tse and from around the world to 7 Michelin star kitchen attended a banquet hosted by Michelin and the global Century’s most influential Wine publisher Robert Parker Wine comments Advocate – "senses". That night, Nicholas Tse personally went to the kitchen for a feast, he personally designed the top front Flavor — Amuse Bouche, share with 700 guests present, the color and taste of the appetizers for the presence of the guests who lead a person to endless aftertastes. In addition, he also worked with Michelin Michael Ellis guide to international director communicate with delicacy experience, introduced China catering charm, cross share his legendary experience. Nicholas Tse became the first in the history of Michelin of the friends of the dinner scene "create top front flavor at the dinner, cross-border gourmet Nicholas Tse for 700 guests personally designed a top front flavor, became the biggest surprise and highlights. Xie Dachu, inspired by his childhood memories, designed a Amuse Bouche. It is a Spanish gazpacho (gazpacho), with the bright orange as the main body, with shot cup bearing, the bottom of the cup is a disc, disc covered with red, orange and yellow, the maple leaf shaped chocolate chips, to create a colorful autumn leaves all over the floor, the middle plate "". Xie Dachu said: "for me, the most beautiful fall is the fall of Canada, the leaves, a piece of red, orange, yellow and a piece of chocolate." In these circumstances, let the audience thank chef Deborah full mother moved to tears. With full of passion and excellence of delicacy, Nicholas Tse conquered the presence of all the gourmet taste buds with the Amuse Bouche, so the top front flavor makes it difficult to imagine actually come from a cooking with only a few short years of cross-border gourmet hands! He said he had been spoiled, and the kitchen has become his practice, let him become more down-to-earth. Here he without thinking too much, according to his mood, a freewheeling creator, Nicholas Tse for the love of the delicacy degree shows between the lines! Michelin for hundreds of years and finally found the same love of delicacy, eager to share the Xie chef, the highest honor awarded him the "Michelin’s friend". Nicholas Tse "Twelve Feng taste" (watch) to convey the essence of the concept of cross the road by the delicacy delicacy is recognized by taste, but also to share and exchange, so Nicholas Tse created the "delicacy show twelve Feng taste", and this concept is also "moral and agree without prior without previous consultation Michelin friends", for he always delicacy has his own views, and has been committed to exploring the world of delicacy and unique delicacy culture. In this program, Xie chef will not only their own cooking, dishes in front design, programs will also be the accumulation of delicacy in his cookie shop, two front flavor brand and named after him in the kitchen equipment. About this.相关的主题文章: