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Nikaidou Fumi served as the first drama starring new teacher Nikaidou Fumi data figure with Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, "special play power to send young actress Nikaidou Fumi’s first starring teacher GAPPA" to be aired in September 23rd, her teacher in the challenge of new roles, actor Ono Takuro, in collaboration with Sakaguchi Kentaro, Abe Takashi, Kishimoto Kayoko and other strength. According to the novel, "everyone takes off" adaptation, about the rural teachers and children in the city to learn to live together, and actively face the problem, the story of common growth. Primary school teacher Muramoto Akico Nikaidou Fumi played in the play, because it is new, original and students greet a tense wrong to say the wrong thing, called "teacher GAPPA", she led the fifth grade two classes participate in the games, to help children solve all kinds of problems, and the children together. For the first time and challenge teachers’ role in the drama starring Nikaidou Fumi said: "I’ve been looking forward to such a role, and so many good actors too happy, hope that we can together with the family watching this drama." The hero who work hard, cheerful and lively personality is very popular among the students in the drama "Sakaguchi Kentaro" will remember this as tears trickling down cheeks his childhood sweetheart Saeki Ryuji in the play, he graduated from high school to work in Tokyo. Abe Takashi’s father students daze in the play, his brother played by Ono Takuro, the mother from shore as heir, played by Kondo Yoshizheng, director of teaching. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: