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Ningbo botanical garden, the United States and the United States and the United States and the national day of the explosion of a total of 180 thousand tourists trips for visitors to the park in the evolution of the road to play special classes park. Ningbo botanical garden is too good! Display picture, there are a lot of interesting fruits." The "eleven" period, unveiled in Ningbo botanical garden into the public favorite play. Reporters learned from the Ningbo botanical garden, the 7 day long holiday, Ningbo botanical garden, a total of tourists received a total of 180 thousand passengers, of which October 3rd, visitors reached more than 3 passengers. Beauty brush burst circle of friends, eleven, Ningbo botanical garden will undoubtedly become the first choice for many people to visit. 350 thousand strains of smile blooming sunflower, love vine fruit harvest season Gallery exhibition, eyeful flowers bloom, riotous with colour plant evolution road special park attractions, attracting tourists out of mobile phone, camera, posing with the photo. The most exciting place, the evolution of the road is not belong to a special class garden. By the 3 door into the main road and then turn left, you can stroll through the evolution of ornamental plants. See the children in the special garden by the effect of water mist to create a plant growth in Wonderland, the face of joy bloom, specifically from Cixi to Zhang Xu quickly press the camera shutter, record the moment. In fact, before it is novelty, look at the botanical garden what are special. Did not expect there are still a lot of amazing places." Zhang Xu said. From the camel streets Liu is sweet, refresh my circle of friends in the Ningbo botanical garden scenery to attract. "Did not intend to come to the botanical garden, but 1 to 4, an open circle of friends of WeChat, in addition to botanical gardens or botanical gardens, can not help but come." The 5 day, came to the Ningbo botanical garden to play Liu Tiantian was attracted to the flowers riotous with colour. Not only the beauty of charming, for tourists to experience the October autumn harvest scene, launched the Ningbo botanical garden is the "eleven" period, a time to celebrate the harvest (50 Party Invitation Group family, and draw up a science, long harvest), a small travel pictures, the one and only one seed and other activities, rich play content. It is understood that only the day of October 1st, the number of visitors to the Ningbo botanical garden there are more than 2 passengers. Multi initiatives to cope with the peak passenger flow in October 1st, the number of visitors exceeded the expected flow of Ningbo botanical garden. In response to the peak passenger flow, Ningbo botanical garden and relevant departments in a timely manner to develop measures to provide quality services for tourists. It is understood that originally in the Botanical Garden Gate No. 3 and No. 1 door are respectively provided with 1 parking lot, parking more than 1100 trips, but parking is far unable to meet the needs of tourists. Therefore, the traffic police department in the West and the surrounding road, Yongmao Yongmao Wang Hai Nan Lu surrounding, opened a temporary parking lot parking lot to ease the pressure within the park, meet the parking demand. Daily 9 to 10:30, 14:30 to 15:30 is the peak traffic flow, for the flow of people, traffic characteristics, the district traffic police brigade to determine the overall traffic grooming program. At the intersection near the botanical garden, equipped with hundreds of police officers to maintain traffic order around. In October 2nd 9, the reporter saw in the South Sea and Yongmao Road intersection, the car)相关的主题文章: