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Ningbo man driving distracted look big windmill out of the car in the vicinity of the winding road recently, Tang Xi Zhen Da Ling wind turbine on the mountain, a pair of young men and women driving play, accidentally drove out of subgrade, slipping, but caused no injuries. The causes for the accidents, was driving the man surnamed Xu looked up a windmill eye touch the sky. The day before yesterday morning, police traffic police squadron on the song received the parties for help, said in the vicinity of the town of Daling wind power generation unit, a car driving down the hillside, request rescue. There are as many as more than 30 wind turbines in the mountain area, the distribution is large, and the road conditions are complicated and tortuous. Because of the peak communication signal sometimes no, coupled with fog, the police in the understanding of the location, had to intermittently use vehicle alarm as a reminder, and finally found the scene at the top of the 5 wind turbine generator. I saw a white car on the side of the steep slope side, it seems because the speed is not fast, coupled with the dense shrub on the hillside, the vehicle did not continue to decline. Driving man Xu told police, he often see on the Internet in the vicinity of the great wind power plant, the scenery is very good, so in the early morning driving together with his girlfriend came from the side street town, want to enjoy the scenery. Do not want to enter, in 5 wind turbine hill area, looked up to touch the sky a large windmill, not be able to control the direction, car slipping out of subgrade. Subsequently, two people climb out of the car, because the communication signal is poor, and so the police found the scene, more than an hour has passed. The peak temperature is low, Xu told the police about the relevant circumstances, have frozen to speak all tied up. In order to avoid the party suffering from wind and cold, the first step to reach the town police station will be two people first sent down the mountain, and contacted the rescue unit waiting for the vehicle rescue. Reporters learned from the local traffic police department, since the wind turbines around the mountain road built, there have been 5 vehicles falling slope events. To this end, the local traffic police, highways and other departments as early as the completion of the road, set a sign prohibiting traffic vehicles and related announcements, in addition to wind turbines to maintain vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed to enter the road. If people want to enjoy the scenery, you can stop the vehicle at the foot of the safe parking area, it is recommended to hike up the mountain, do not drive uphill, so as to avoid similar accidents. Reporter Zhu Yiqiong correspondent Yu Xianfeng

宁波男子驾车分神看大风车 汽车冲出盘山公路   近日,在塘溪镇大岭风力发电机组附近的山路上,一对年轻男女驾车游玩时,不慎将车开出路基,滑落山坡,所幸未造成人员受伤。   发生意外的原因,竟然是驾车的徐姓男子抬头看了一眼高耸入云的风车。   前天早上,大嵩交警中队值班民警接到当事人求助,称在塘溪镇大岭风力发电机组附近路段,一辆驾车滑落山坡,请求施救。   该山区区域内所建的风力发电机组多达30多个,分布范围较大,且路况曲折复杂。由于山顶通讯信号时有时无,加上浓雾弥漫,民警在了解大概位置后,只得一路间歇性地用车载警报器作提醒,最终在5号风力发电机组的山顶找到了事发现场。   只见一辆白色轿车斜侧在陡峭的山坡上,看来是由于当时车速不快,加上山坡上灌木密集,车辆才没有继续下滑。   驾车男子徐某告诉民警,他在网上经常看到塘溪大岭风力发电机组的附近风景很好,于是就在大清早驾车和女友一起从横街镇赶来,想领略一下风景。不想,在驶入5号风力发电机组山顶区域时,仰头看了一下高耸入云的大风车,结果没能掌控好方向,轿车驶出路基滑落山坡。   随后,两人爬出车后,因为通讯信号差,等民警找到事发现场,已经过去的一个多小时。山顶气温较低,徐某跟民警讲述相关情况时,已经冻得说话都打结了。   为避免当事人受风寒,先一步到达的塘溪镇派出所民警将两人先行送下山,并联系了施救单位等待车辆施救。   记者从当地交警部门了解到,自该风力发电机组的绕山道路建成后,目前已发生5起车辆坠坡事件。   为此,当地交警、路政等部门早在该道路建成后,设置了禁止车辆通行的标志和相关公告,除了风力发电机维护车辆以外,其他车辆均不得驶入该路段。如果市民想观赏风景,可以将车辆停在山脚的安全停车区域,建议徒步上山游玩,千万不要驾车上山,以免发生类似的意外。   记者朱依琼 通讯员俞贤峰相关的主题文章: