Ningbo this week to cloudy to overcast mainly to start warming up on Thursday-winavi video converter

Ningbo this week to mainly cloudy to overcast today until Thursday began to rise in Ningbo city weather: cloudy to overcast today, local rain 19 to 24 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy to overcast rain, local 20 and 26 DEG C to Ningbo air quality level: excellent to good, the primary pollutant PM2.5 grade I to II level by the double impact of the typhoon, last week, the rain has become a frequent visitor. Finally looking forward to the weekend, the weather is not a good face, the drama of typhoon and cold air forces fortunately is ended. Ningbo city meteorological station yesterday at 6 am, in addition to the decomposition of yellow rainstorm warning signal, this wave of precipitation is over 02. Through this wave of precipitation, how the weather of this week? Judging from the current weather forecast, how much is still disappointing. This week, mostly cloudy to overcast weather, from time to time there will be some rain, such as 28 to 29 a weak precipitation process. The temperature of this week is rather capricious. Today is the 27 day of a warming journey, the maximum temperature gradually rose to 28 degrees C. But from 28 onwards, frequent cold air activity, the temperature gradually decreased, the maximum temperature of only 22 degrees on Sunday. Yesterday was once a year "frost" solar term, the weather is getting cold, with frost began to mean. Frost is the last solar term in autumn, autumn to winter is the transition of solar term. In some places in China, red persimmon frost season to eat, it can not only warm, but also fill the bones, is a very good food ". Some local customs are the explanation for this: frost day to eat Fei Zi, or lips all winter. Persimmon is generally fully mature before and after the frost, the persimmon thin skin, fresh meat, delicious, high nutritional value, which contains vitamins and sugar than normal fruit of high 1 to 2 times. If a person a day to eat a persimmon, the intake of vitamin C can basically meet the needs of half a day. However, persimmon though delicious, but must be careful not to eat when fasting to eat; in moderation, the best time is not more than 100 grams; do not eat unripe persimmon; suffering from diabetes, chronic gastritis, delayed emptying, indigestion and other gastric dysfunction should not eat.相关的主题文章: