No privacy! The author’s experience of first love

No privacy! "First love monster" the author of the experience cited hot believe that we all have had their parents into the room without turning their own experience. If you have this experience, then the "first love monster," the original author of the auspicious day of the past shook the bitter experience of the pill should make you feel the same. On the day of the Internet in the online release of his painful experience. When the invincible youth teacher, and finally wait until after the age of 15 for the first time painted a small book R15. In the new sent home that day, when the teacher returned home to Hiyoshi package, found their parcels have been opened. The mother told her because she is so rare comic book distributed to neighbors and friends. It is good at what his mother automatically, but because the mother found the cartoon content being scolded. Twitter and blogs are not popular, the network forum is the main place for many Internet users in the online exchange. The young teacher nichiyoshi often in online forums to leave their information such as BL to map etc.. One day, the teacher’s brother told the teacher because her parents want to see her diary to the forum, called out her name, and the company actually will be the teacher’s diary pages to her parents. After the teacher’s experience, feel the teacher I had in adolescence…… [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章: