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Noisy environment to write homework to exercise the child’s attention? Expert: – Beijing, Jinling Evening News reporter Dong Zizheng Intern Han Ying "a lot of Japanese households are not specifically for children learning and reading study, even home study, but also to the people dedicated. Children usually read and study in the living room and other open space." Netizen wrote a raspberry while studying in Japan in the post that many parents don’t understand Chinese, should create a quiet learning environment for children? The French biologist George Cuvier? Said: "genius is the first attention." Namely: the ability to resist interference. It is important to quietly write the work environment, but the child can write a job in a slightly noisy environment, is also a kind of adaptability. Experts explained that this kind of environment can write homework, the child’s attention and endurance is better, but the environment does not need to deliberately create, but should cultivate children to adapt to the environment. Effect of homework wrote not currently enrolled in a primary school in Qinhuai District of the fourth grade students Chen, teachers and parents in the eyes is a very obedient child, without parents worry about homework. "Every time he was doing his homework, the home of the TV will be turned off, and we also try to sound small, so that he can feel at ease to do homework." The mother of Chen Liu said. But this one building recently Chen homes have a household decoration, the weekend daytime construction, but at this time construction, Chen’s homework is very poor. Coincidentally, this year on the second grade of the Yuan Wang lives in the Jianye garden, his mother told reporters, in the evening, when Wang wrote homework, when there is a TV sound or ringing of the telephone at home, Wang to see. "At night I clean the dishes, do some housework, he had to run out, turn back to write the homework." Wang’s mother said. Classroom, a stone to arouse the waves to write homework is like this, classroom order seems to be the same". Self study class is not always quiet, there are a number of outgoing personality of the students issued a sound, next to someone will be affected, it is difficult to seriously study. I used to be a teacher in a row of seats, I will focus on the use of quiet students will be noisy students’ surrounded ‘up, it is for the sake of the order of the whole class." Metro middle school teacher Shao told reporters. The performance in the primary school classroom is more obvious, even when the teacher is the class, if a student a "strange music", the vast majority of students attention will focus on the past, affecting the normal order of the classroom. A good student should have the ability to be easily disturbed by the outside world, so as to concentrate on my study." Shao teacher told reporters. But some students in the classroom will not be affected by such an episode, will not be easily disturbed by the outside world. Experts do not deliberately create natural learning environment the most appropriate Nanjing chikanori school family education guidance center director Yin Fei said, parents can according to their own characteristics and age characteristics, learning content appropriate for children to arrange the learning environment, but the total.相关的主题文章: