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Book-Marketing Christopher Brookmyre who is a Schottish novelist and is a prolific writer has produced his literature mixed of .edy, politics, social issues in a very strong narrative style. There are list of his novel like one fine day in the middle of the night but through his debut novel Quite Ugly One Morning gave him much popularity. Raised in Barrhead and later attended St. Mark’s Primary school and St. Luke High school Brookmyre extended his journey to university of Glasgow. Not the End of the World is basically a crime novel which also .es in the category of young adult novel. This is third novel written by Christopher Brookmyre written in UK. The whole story takes place in Los Angeles. Using very less protagonists in his novel he has beautifully carved the novel. The story revolves around three protagonist. Mr. Larry Freeman works for Los Angeles police department as a police officer. Madeline Witherson is an former adult actress and now has gained popularity and is star in Hollywood B-movies. She is a victim of right wing religious attacks and another protagonist is a Scottish photographer Steff Keneddy who is in romantic relationship with Madeline. He helps in the investigation of the attacks against her. The story is very nice and the readers find themselves bind with the novel till the end. Under Little Brown Publication London the book is available in English language. Other history books and Biography Books can be bought online. Cheap books are also available online. As you will find that the main protagonist of the novel is Steff Kneddy. The online shops are good place to buy cheap books. Many Cheap History books as well as social and Children Story Books can be explored on website and can be bought online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: