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Now that Chinese, to Singapore by Li Xianlong playing that core tip: Lv Ningsi believes that if Chinese and Thailand built the KRA isthmus canal, the Malacca Strait is a waste. Singapore on the Strait of Malacca, the traffic arteries eat rice trade. Phoenix September 29th "total editing time", the following is the text: Lv Ningsi: Recently, we have found that Singapore in international affairs especially in China some affairs, such as Southeast Asia and ASEAN and the South China Sea issue to speak more, when Singapore’s prime minister Mr. Li Xianlong in the United States, specifically speaking the United States to return to Asia, about TPP also talked about the South China Sea issue, now Prime Minister Lee also visit in Japan, as he and Andouble first meet to talk about the main is three points, one is the South China Sea issue, one is TPP, another is about the high-speed rail project, this is actually and China are not unrelated. So why is Singapore talking so much about China on this issue? We want to see the background, one is not talking about Asian issues may not involve China; another is the Singapore he is now from the beginning of 2015 he was as coordination between China and ASEAN and China, he for some Chinese and ASEAN Affairs he felt to have some right to speak; and he is third the United States long-term allies that, like Japan and also an ally in Asia, they really have a lot of problems on their common interests, have common views and positions, or values. So a few days ago in Singapore Chinese Ambassador Mr. Gallen Law and the global times editor in chief Hu Xijin, an article on the Global Times said that Singapore has also raised the South China Sea issue in the non aligned conference, Global Times reporter had reported, and is critical to the criticism of the tone of the reports, Ambassador Luo he wrote the global times editor in chief, Hu and Ambassador Luo came in a few rounds, you see. Today, I saw this FT also reported on the front page is not the front page, anyway, the inside of the version it also took a photo of Hu Xijin. Why Singapore now on this issue is relatively active, our domestic Chinese some domestic media that the Singapore you such a country, you is the one you and the South China Sea is not parties, your tone is too high, has nothing to do with you, you are so hot for some other purpose. Another is the relationship between you and Chinese, regardless of you in our long-term relationship is almost the biggest trade country like this, China is Singapore’s largest trading nation, Singapore is a country’s leading trade Chinese ASEAN inside. Why do you do this? Not much time we simply say a few words, he is a Singapore he is itself as a small country, he South North northwest of Malaysia in Indonesia, he is relying on a great power there, and he came to rely on the status of the country, he is america. When the Chinese is in another’s opening time, China and he is not aligned, so he’s alliance with the United States, in fact, the United States to return to Asia is proposed to Li Xianlong’s father Mr. Li Guangyao, he;相关的主题文章: