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Obama Trump has said the initiative to give up the drive TPP does not support the original title: Obama give up pushing Congress to approve TPP Xinhua news agency, Washington in November 11, a senior White House official said 11, the Obama government has a clear understanding of the changes of the political situation in the United States, the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) by the prospect of the next president and Congress decided. White House on the day of next week’s visit to Obama held a telephone briefing. When asked about TPP’s prospects, the White House responsible for international economic affairs, deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs Adeba Moulay Adeyemo said Senate majority leader Mcconnell has made it clear that he will discuss future trade agreements with the next president of the United states. The Obama administration still believes that TPP is important for the U.S. economy and national security, the United States to maintain contact with the Asia Pacific region is very important. The White House for strategic communications, the deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said that the Obama government has a clear understanding of the recent American political situation change and its impact on the prospect of TPP, which is also an important reason for Obama to go to Peru next week to Lima to attend this year the leaders of APEC informal meeting with members of the TPP leaders held talks. Taking into account the size and importance of the Asia Pacific region, the Obama administration believes that the Asia Pacific region should continue to be the focus of the next U.S. President and congress. Said after the U. S. presidential election news conference, Mcconnell, the newly elected president Trump has made clear that he does not support the TPP protocol, so this year TPP will not hold a vote on the senate. The "Wall Street journal" reported the same day, the Obama administration had originally planned, if Democratic presidential candidate Hilary won the presidential election after the election, they will cooperate with senior Republicans pushing Congress to approve TPP. But given Trump’s latest victory in the election and the Republican Party, the Obama administration is no longer hopeful about the TPP’s entry into force. Reported that TPP failed to get congressional approval for Obama is a painful defeat, which will weaken the credibility and influence of the United States in the Asia Pacific region. After 5 years of negotiations, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and other 12 countries in October last year, the TPP agreement signed in February this year, the text of the agreement, but the agreement also need to obtain national legislative approval to take effect. Trump after taking office – related deal: Obama was elected president of the United States will modify the health care reform bill 11 Trump revealed to the media after he took office some policy plan. According to another report, he has appointed the newly elected vice president Mike, responsible for the selection of the new government officials and other transitional issues in the. Trump day in an interview with the Wall Street Journal interview, said he will take office after the implementation of the new deal, including the modification of health care reform bill,, to relax regulation of financial institutions and strengthen border control. Trump said that after meeting with President Obama, he decided to support the retention of health care reform bill’s on the prohibition of health insurance companies refused to star相关的主题文章: