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Observation: the demolition of public opinion caused by old people were buried in   the official response to take public opinion – Channel – people.com.cn has a typical character of Li Apo in the hit TV drama "dwelling", as the family house was very careful in reckoning, levy, compensation and the developers playing the "protracted war", a way to drive up land requisition compensation. The contractor plans to divert lilaotai families, then hit a hole in their house, forcing the Li family relocation, but when the hole is still the home of Li Po climb the side for help, just falling stone to death. At the end of things, Li’s got a suite, smashing holes have a suite and the foreman to surrender, said is operational errors, people do not know the house. Stills: "a similar version of Li Apo Li Apo and the emergence of dwelling" story in reality. Born in 1924, Jiangsu Peixian lady Wang Moulan, has experienced the period of the Republic of China, the Anti Japanese War, the establishment of new China to the prosperous period, witnessed the two generation Chinese she did not die from troubled times, but in September 7, 2016 because of the demolition team errors were buried alive, at the age of 92. The evening of September 8th @ 13:15, surging news release micro-blog "Jiangsu Peixian nine years old were buried and killed, the street: the demolition operation mistake, micro-blog touch the collapse of housing" is briefly introduced after the incident and the official response, links to the reading of the text, understand the facts in detail after. The afternoon of September 7th, the demolition of households, 92 year old Jiangsu Peixian lady Wang Moulan, was found buried in their own houses below 8, the streets of Peixian Pei city officials confirmed that the king lady neighbor excavator in the implementation of the demolition, because workers Taomou error ", the old man’s house knocked down, leading to she was buried and killed. At present, the excavator operator Taomou suspicion of negligence causing death has been jingfangxingju. In addition, clarify the Pei City Street Party committee secretary, at the time of the accident, to be imposed and the County Bureau of housing levy compensation agreement signed, the key also made. But Mr. Zhao said that although the agreement signed on 21 August, they played for community relocation delay, the old lady said that because of family housing difficulties, apply advanced in age, day delayed relocation. Figure: the application of delayed relocation event was reported, it caused a lot of media and user attention, as at 15:45 on September 9th, the article was reproduced 3477 times micro-blog, comments and points like the number of nearly 7000 times. @ JINGWAH times, @ Legal Daily, @ Beijing News and other authoritative media have released the event related micro-blog. It @ the surging news micro-blog "Jiangsu Peixian nine years old were killed, the streets were operated: the demolition of housing collapse touch" the viewpoint analysis found that users view mainly has the following several aspects: 1 "excavator driver" back pot, operational errors and false, malicious demolition is really. Referred to the "demolition to death" and some netizens in without a clear understanding of the specific situation, did not get sufficient evidence of the case, contact the TV drama "dwelling" in lilaotai situation, will have the tragedy blamed "malicious demolitions, accused the demolition team do whatever they want, disregard for human life, and let the excavator driver back pot. Do not thin to 95 pounds do not change the name of the comment: operation error? )相关的主题文章: