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Marketing As an internet marketing mentor, a question I get asked often is ‘What is the secret to making 6 figures online?’ They figure there must be some secret that the internet marketing gurus are hiding from them because that’s the way so many home based business websites and new internet marketing product launches position themselves. Buy this product, join this home based business, purchase this software and you’ll have the secret to turning the internet into your own personal ATM. Sound familiar? Well, grab a pen and a piece of paper because I’m about to reveal the secret to making life changing money on the internet. Ready? Here it is…get the proper online marketing training and mentoring from someone who is actually doing it themselves…Period! Sorry if you were expecting some magic button you could push and make money with no effort, it just doesn’t work that way. With that said though, with the proper online marketing training, mentoring, and the proper mindset, you can absolutely make 6 or even 7 figures in any online business in a relatively short period of time…no joke! So what should you look for in a mentor or training program? Again, make sure you are being mentored by someone who is actually making the kind of money you want to make. You also want to make sure they offer live interactive webinar training on a regular basis so that you can look over their shoulder so to speak and visually see step by step what you need to do. It’s important that it’s interactive because you’ll want to be able to get questions answered in real time. Additionally, you want the training and mentoring to be ongoing. That’s why it is critical that you seek out a mentoring or training program rather than just an ebook or similar digital product. The internet changes so fast you want your online marketing training to be up to date with the latest trends and internet marketing strategies. With an ebook, you don’t really know if the information is current or if it is last year’s mediocre tactic. Bottom line, if you are serious about this internet marketing thing, I mean truly serious about creating a life changing retirement-style income and never having to worry about money again, then you need to learn from those who are already doing it…makes sense, right? There’s no need to try to figure it all out yourself or to reinvent the wheel. Sad thing is, only about 2% of people will take this advice and that’s why 2% of the people are making 98% of the money in this industry. The people who need it the most will come up with any excuse not to get it but that’s always been the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: