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Finance It’s a fact that the credit card issuers are predisposed towards those with excellent credit. But let’s face it, not everyone has superior credit. There are times when life has thrown in a few punches that can cause financial hardship that in turn damages your credit. If you’re presently in this position, don’t fret, there are bad credit credit card offers available. No credit rating at all or a bad mark on your report will not necessarily stop you from obtaining a credit card. There are many companies that will issue you a credit card when you have bad credit. Your options aren’t as great as those with superior credit, but there are a number of choices you can look at. The first type of bad credit credit card available is the prepaid debit card or secured credit card. This is where you make a deposit at the financial institution and your line of credit is determined by the amount available in your account. The prepaid debit card looks and can be used like a regular credit card. When you apply for a secured credit card there is no credit check and no employer verification. When you apply for an unsecured bad credit credit card, the terms and conditions should be looked at carefully. The monthly interest rate is generally higher than regular credit cards. Most offers have annual fees starting at $35 and up. An additional option available for unsecured bad credit credit cards is a periodic increase in your line of credit. Check with the financial institution to be sure they report your progress with the major credit reporting agencies. The interest rate is higher on an unsecured bad credit credit card than cards for those with a higher credit rating. You may want to only charge what you know you can repay each month. To assist in rebuilding your credit, you would want to occasionally leave a small portion open and repay it the next month. A credit card is an excellent way to rebuild your credit. But be cautious that you don’t get back into financial difficulty again. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the card. It’s not difficult to be approved for a bad credit credit card. Just be sure to use the tools available to you, like the internet, to compare offers so that you can apply for the right card for you. About the Author: Bradley Carson is the webmaster and editor of Apply Online For A Credit Card at http://www.cards-king.com, a website established to provide concise information about credit cards. See Brad’s latest recommendations of Bad Credit Credit Cards at http://www.cards-king.com/categories/bad_credit_credit_cards. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Finance By: GLF – Waukesha mortgage lender plays a crucial role especially when a person from bankruptcy background applies for it. 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