Oral I want to go back to my parents before marriage, how should I do-tianbi

Oral: I want to go back to my parents before marriage, how should I do? The grace of upbringing is greater than the grace of the child, in my heart, my parents are my parents. In fact, I was in a month before the wedding did not know he is not their own, in the face of tearful parents my parents for so many years at a loss, good to me I remember in my heart, always inside the home are not rich, we are in the countryside, many women like me not to get married at the age of twenty have children, and they took me to the road for graduate, endured criticism during a lot of people, but parents always adhere to, and help me finish school. At that time, where are the parents? Sitting opposite me this strange woman took my hand and cried: "the child, the mother felt sorry for you, our family is too poor, a total of five children, we can’t afford it, you had to put away, then we also regret to find you, but so many years you’ve moved away, we find a lot of time to find, I did not expect so soon you are going to get married." I do not understand, the family is too poor children, why is it that I was sent away, I have a younger brother, above the three sisters, if you feel the burden should be sent away from his brother ah! Now they do business to get rich, children are also promising, this thought of me? Unfortunately, I don’t need my parents gave me all the love, now we own family are good, there is no need to go back, I don’t want to reclaim their resolute attitude, they are very disappointed, parents do not want to see things aside and invited them to my wedding. The wedding day parents had arrived at the scene, they came and went straight to the main table, I wonder, although the birth parents, but so many years did not try to day responsibility, how can this table sit, saw her would not be confusing, here can let parents sit, I walk past them out of the main table, arranged at the front, they reluctantly sat there, while the guests not to parents with a bank card said: "here are two hundred thousand, today is your wedding as we give you the dowry, you have to marry out of the sisters brother, also abroad, home to two of us very lonely, we hope you married can come and live with us, you think about it." I refused, I was the only child of my parents, though they were only ten thousand yuan dowry, but that’s all of them, I can’t because the two hundred thousand changed my mind if I move in the past, then what do they do, I have so many years not because you came back to us? I don’t think they’re too selfish. I didn’t promise them disappointed, put the card on the table right away, write the code on the back of the card, the husband advised me to consider, after all, blood relations continue to cut, I told him I wouldn’t agree with my parents, my parents can only be raised, then money is and others I have nothing to do, I can’t let my parents disappointed because of money? Answer: your parents in addition to you, there are other children, although they are not around, but they are still children. Of course you don’t have to go back and take care of them相关的主题文章: