Pakistan recommendation strong fear of cable breaking away scattered Cruzeiro – Sohu shuyue

Pakistan recommendation: strong fear of cable breaking away scattered Cruzeiro – Sohu game time: 2016 09.09          Friday   08:00 0.86    asian handicap:     miniero America         0.5        Cruzeiro; 0.96 in Europe index: 3.60      3.20    & nbsp; 1.90 tournament Preview: Friday morning the Pakistan League continues to have a game on the bottom of the table will be based in America miniero home court against veteran team cruzeiro. This season miniero America in a complete mess, Lun 22 League zhanba only got 3 victories, averaging up to 1.59, is one of the most League goals. The distance from the relegation zone outside the team for 13 points, avoid relegation is not optimistic about the prospects of the war, even if it is difficult to estimate as there is in the home court. Cruzeiro as Pakistan a traditional powerhouse in recent years, the development of a year than a year. A large number of clubs sell players, led the team plummeted. This season has not been out of the relegation threatened, the wandering in the relegation line. Fortunately, the team’s recent state to pick up the League against Brazil international, unable to get up after a fall, then the team 5 war continue to grab points if the momentum, the war is expected to get the 3 points away from the relegation zone. The pursuit of consecutive unbeaten bets, betting agencies also opened the current tilt Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro made 0.5 water let disc, in the face of the recent losing streak team, win to win, the data seems to be more temptation. In Europe refers to the guest is very scattered, Yi Shengbo is 2.03, Wade is 2.30, aocai is 1.90, it is not difficult to find mainstream institutions out of the win odds are very casual, there is no unified attitude, the author thinks that the guest has the hidden crucero. Half the recommendation: go, Dong, negative winning score recommended: 0:0, 2:1 Beijing single field did not let the ball, recommended: 13相关的主题文章: